Did the dinosaurs also get sick with cough and fever? here the answer

Cough and fever also affected health of some dinosaursthis according to the evidence that some scientists found, in a fossil that has about 150 million years of antiquity.

According to experts it is of a young long neck youthwho wandered sick cough and fever through the area that is now the southwest of Mountainin U.S.

In the journal Scientific Reports of Nature, the scientists shared their discovery, it was in a dinosaur fossil called “Dolly” they found what would be the first evidence of a respiratory infection in dinosaurs.

The article reports that it is a herbivore with long neckwhich averages approximately 18 meters longand that he had between 15 and 20 years old old when he died.

The study carried out to discover that the dinosaur suffered from cough

The study carried out to discover that the dinosaur suffered from a cough The reason why the cough occurs

Colleagues of researcher Woodruff decided to analyze Dolly’s neck bonesand in this process discovered bumps abnormal bone with irregular shape and texturewhich led to the conclusion that he had an infection in the alveoli of the dinosaur.

The scientists explained that long neck died from a respiratory infection within his air sacs, which later spread to the bones of his neck, the infection could have been caused by fungia scientist added:

“We’ve all experienced these same symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, fever, etc., and here’s a 150-million-year-old dinosaur that was probably just as miserable as we are when we’re sick.”

Why does the cough occur?

The reason why the cough occurs

According to the information cough it is produced by mucosal stimulation of the bronchi, the trachea or the larynx, this by accumulation excessive mucus on the surface, or dryness, cooling or by chemicals.

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