Did they put it? Mhoni Vidente affirms that Debanhi’s friends and Didi’s driver are at fault

Mexico. Mhoni Vidente gives his opinion on the case of the death of Debanhi Escobar, and suggests in his predictions that he shares on YouTube that Her friends and the driver who was driving her bear a great deal of blame for her disappearance and death.

Unfortunately, the case of Debanhi Escobar occupies headlines in newspapers and news portals daily, also that half the world thinks about it and Mhoni Seer does it through his predictions.

“The taxi driver is somewhat to blame but perhaps not totally, just like his friends, maybe they put it,” emphasizes the astrologer, who also mentions that at the parties he would have been On the night of his disappearance there were mobsters, drug traffickers and a drug and alcohol environment.

“That’s why there were no videos,” says the fortune-teller, so the investigations would be complicated, but she also comments that according to her vision, Debanhi lost control of the situation, got into a fight with her friends and that she would have been “stealing “The boyfriend to one of them.

Mhoni has been clear in assuring that Debanhi was murdered and did not die accidentally, she also mentions that two men were involved in her murder.

“They kill her by drowning her, hanging her, I see that it is suffocation, the hand is so strong that the situation gets out of control. She dies the same day she disappeared, April 9, the blows to her face are because she was thrown into the water well, five meters below and completely filled with contaminated sewage.”

The day of Debanhi Escobar’s funeral. Photo of Reforma Agency

The vision that Mhoni Vidente had about Debanhi showed her that the 18-year-old girl received a message from a friend when she found herself in the taxi and they asked her to go to the hotel: “that’s why she gets out, she goes to look for the friends who were with her,” she said.

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Mhoni Seer cites that he hopes that the corresponding authorities find those responsible for Debanhi’s death so that the young woman’s parents can be calm and she can rest in peace.

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