Did Tom Holland and Zendaya end their relationship?

Internet users on social networks have begun to speculate that the love relationship between the actors Tom Holland Y Zendaya would have come to an end, thanks to an action that the actress did in the most recent awards ceremony 2022 Emmyswhich gave rise to the beginning of spreading the theory

Zendaya made history in Emmysafter winning for his role as Rue in ‘Euphoria’is now the first African-American woman to win the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Seriesand the youngest winner of any two-time Emmy in history.

When the actress went on stage to collect her award and give her speech, she could be seen quite nervous, giving a speech of thanks to her loved ones and the entire team that is part of the series in which she stars.

However, social networks emphasized the fact that the actress did not name her boyfriend, British actor Tom Holland, in her speech.

After this, the journalist Kevin Frazier of ‘ET’ asked the question about what many people were thinking. Why didn’t he mention Tom Holland during his speech? However, she took it upon herself to downplay the matter and replied as follows:

“He is part of my loved ones!”

Therefore, we intuit that she did take her partner into account, including him within this group, despite the fact that some expected her to formally name him.

In any case, it is something that does not surprise us, since the couple have always been quite discreet when publicly showing their relationship, a fact that has even led them to recognize it in several of their interviews.

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