Did Canelo cheat on his wife after the fight?

  • Did Canelo cheat on Fernanda Gómez?
  • They claimed that the boxer was with another woman after the fight
  • It was all about Álvarez’s brother, who his wife accompanied

WAS HE CHEATING ON HER? A few days after the fight between the famous boxer Saul ‘El Canelo’ Alvarez and Caleb Plant, a video was released claiming that the Mexican fighter had gone to celebrate with another woman, who was not Fernanda Gomez. The video went viral on platforms such as TikTok and other social networks.

Internet users believed that the boxer from Jalisco had cheated on his young lady in Las Vegas. The video showed a couple dancing ‘romantically’ on the dance floor of a luxurious and exclusive nightclub; they did not expect that the people who stole the attention on social networks were his brother Ricardo Alvarez, accompanied by his wife, Gabriela.


On TikTok, attention was drawn to a video of a man wearing the costume used by Saúl ‘El Canelo’ Álvarez hours before the fight that took place on November 6. What shocked Internet users was that the man was very well accompanied by a brunette woman with a spectacular figure, dancing close together.

“Canelo with another woman, and she is not his wife,” reads the description of the video that was shared on social networks and generated controversy because many believed that it was the famous boxer in an infamous cheating scene towards his wife, Fernanda Gomez. The couple, who got married in the middle of the year, had already been in the ‘eye of the storm’ in their first year of relationship due to the alleged infidelity of the boxer.

Canelo blames deception: Who were the couple in the video?

Canelo blame deception: Who were the couple in the video?Photo: Instagram

The account ChicaPicosa was the one that addressed the issue of the boxer’s alleged cheating on Fernanda Gomez. The couple that had been recorded dancing very affectionate in the middle of the dance floor of a nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the brother of the boxer and who is in the team of ‘El Canelo’, that’s why he was wearing the suit used by the people who work with the man.

Ricardo and Gabriela Alvarez were the couple that the internet user had recorded ‘in flagrante delicto’, which caused great controversy on social networks. In a photograph shared by Canelo’s sister-in-law, Ricardo is seen wearing the boxer’s signature white and gold sports suit, while Gabriela was wearing a short green dress and her shiny black hair; in the video that went viral on social networks, the couple was seen dancing and enjoying the good time of the night.


Blame Canelo deception: They clarify the situationPhoto: Instagram

When the situation of the apparent deception became known, several accounts came out in defense of the boxer. They clarified who the people in the video leaked to social networks were. However, Alvarez’s family has not given statements to the entertainment media and preferred to ignore Saul Alvarez’s alleged cheating; currently, Fernanda and El Canelo are spending a couple of days in Paris, enjoying their love.

“The girl is Canelo’s sister-in-law, and the other one is not Canelo…it’s his brother Ricardo who is similar to him…(Gabriela and Ricardo are married)”, explained the ChicaPicosa account attaching the controversial video that went viral on TikTok.


Blame Canelo deception: Photo: Instagram

In the comments, internet users began to make fun of the situation that had happened with Saul Alvarez, Fernanda Gomez, and her brother, arguing that on the night of the fight, when they were celebrating the victory, the boxer had been with his wife and had even dedicated a couple of songs in her honor.

“People do invent. They have to be laughing at the people who invent so much,” “Hahahaha, when they are not even good for gossip is his brother and sister-in-law,” “That’s how gossip is made Carmela!!! Hahaha, that’s what we say at mom’s house when something is not true”, “But when they saw the video it came to their mind that it was Canelo hahahahahaha what irony!”, “Hahahahahahaha, how can they not know or look-alike,” mentioned the internet users in the comments.

Blame Canelo deception: Video of “Canelo” Álvarez before his fight generates criticism

Blame Canelo deception: Video of PHOTO Instagram

The Mexican became the first undisputed champion with four super middleweight belts in history when he knocked out Caleb Plant in the eleventh round on Saturday. Alvarez (57-1-2 with 39 knockouts) knocked his opponent down twice in that penultimate chapter.

The bout was to strip him of the IBF crown, which he added to his collection of WBC, WBA, and WBO championships, thanks to the excellent tactical performance and powerful punching, which took away the unbeaten American fighter at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, AP reported.

Canelo deception blame: Controversy over video of “Canelo” Álvarez before his fight with Plant

Canelo deception blame: Controversy over video of AP PHOTO

“It was a truly historic night, and I’m very proud to be a part of it,” Alvarez said. The young Mexican boxer, considered by many to be the best pound-for-pound fighter today, became the sixth fighter to hold four titles simultaneously, according to AP.

However, hours before his historic achievement, the tapatío was involved in this controversy. The video shows Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez in yellow shorts doing some stretching exercises supported by a team member. In the background, the song “Todo de ti” by urban artist Rauw Alejandro can be heard.

“I am proud to be one of those six,” Canelo breaks the silence after his triumph, but the video ‘scandal’ comes out.

Mexican Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez celebrates after defeating Caleb Plant by knockout to unify the super middleweight titles on Saturday, November 6, 2021, in Las Vegas (AP Photo / Steve Marcus)

“I’m proud to be one of those six,” said Alvarez, who dedicated his victory to his Mexican fans. “The goal is to be the best of all time. Very proud of the journey I’ve been on to achieve it. I will not stop until I’ve done everything possible to reach that goal.”

The video progresses, and Canelo asks, “Who brings the music?” One of his assistants answered, and the Mexican boxer claimed that was a lack of respect. The controversy began around the young boxing star, who joined Josh Taylor of the super lightweight division as the only undisputed champion currently reigning in his category.

After the video of “Canelo” Álvarez, criticism arises

After the video of the REFORM AGENCY

After knocking out three of his previous four opponents, “Canelo” had to wear himself down in a tough fight against a tenacious Plant (21-1), who usually backed up and relied on his jab to keep his distance from the Mexican’s devastating power, reports The Associated Press.

Criticism rained down on Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez not because of what he said to his assistant but because users considered that he was ‘dissing’ urban singer Rauw Alejandro with his theme song of the moment. Alvarez persevered and landed several quality punches in his most recent bout against Plant, but they were not enough to escape the scandal.

The overwhelming victory of “Canelo” and the controversies

The overwhelming victory and the controversiesPHOTO Instagram

In the opening seconds of the 11th round, he sent Plant crashing to the canvas with a vicious combination of punches, capped off with an uppercut just as the Tennessee fighter tried to duck. Plant staggered back to his feet, and Alvarez knocked him down again with two big right hands.

That forced referee Russell Mora to call a stoppage. In addition to being a champion, Plant is surrounded by an inspirational aura. He overcame numerous personal tragedies to shine in boxing. However, he proved how great the distance separating “Canelo” from his rivals.

Criticism of Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez is raining down

Criticism rains down on Saúl PHOTO Instagram

Criticism from various people filled the networks, but many others came to his defense. “He didn’t say it with bad intentions” “What if he doesn’t like the song?”, “People get scared of everything, criticize, fight, get offended,” “It’s Canelo, and he can,” “I would also find it disrespectful if they played me that song and even more so while recording me,” commented some users in defense of the boxer.

Alvarez is the first Mexican to win all the titles in a division. He won, cheered on by a large part of the 16,586 spectators, many of whom waved Mexican flags. Before the fight, the Guadalajara fighter often spoke of his desire to achieve this feat for himself and Mexico, reports AP.

They explain the reason for Canelo’s words and clarify the controversy

They explain the reason for the words and clarify the controversyPHOTO Instagram

The same account posted the short video explaining “Canelo’s” comment. “That he said it because Fher, vocalist of Maná, was there, not because he didn’t like it, the song “Todo de ti” by Rauw Alejandro,” wrote the account that attached the controversial video.

“And if you don’t like it, what do you have? There is no obligation to like any music or song,” concludes the Chamonic3 account. “Canelo” has the most successful acting career in boxing. The Associated Press notes that he spun his eighth victory in just over three years.