Did you know that Olivia Newton-John performed a song in Mexico?

Everyone is very affected by the sad news of the death of the beloved American actress Olivia Newton-John who is recognized by everyone, even in Mexico, after having acted in the movie Vaseline.

So as a way to continue remembering the talent of the actress, today we tell you that she was in our country on one occasion and that she sang a song in a very famous program. Did you already know this information? Now we tell you where this incredible moment happened.

It turns out that the very Raul Velasco He invited Olivia Newton-John to interpret some of his songs in the program he was leading called “Always on Sunday”. This happened 42 years ago and she was one of the famous guests, like Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and until Spice Girls.

Olivia Newton-John sang “Physical” on Always on Sunday

Olivia Newton-John in “Always on Sunday”. Olivia Newton-John was already 73 years old.

The appearance of the actress and singer Olivia Newton-John in “Always on Sunday” occurred in 1982, she wore her short hair and a look very typical of the eighties. The singer sang songs like The Promise Y Love Me Strong.

Fortunately, this exciting moment is still preserved on YouTube. Also, it’s a real shame that even though she was very successful, no other music project thought of inviting her to perform a live concert. Find more news about the actress in AmericanPost.News.

Also, we tell you as a curious fact, that same day was the premiere of one of the songs of Luis Miguelit is about 1+1= two lovers.

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How old is Olivia Newton-John?

Olivia Newton-John was already 73 years old.

The “Sandy” of Vaseline, Olivia Newton-John was 73 years old at the time of her death and unfortunately she was already nearly 30 years old since she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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