Did you know that this is what the daughter of Fernando Colunga’s character looks like now?

One of the successful telenovelas he played Fernando Colunga It was “Because love rules” that aired in 2012. The public was delighted with his leading character, but not only with the actor. Also with the female lead Clauda Alvarez and the little girl that was Valentinethe “daughter” of the actor.

It’s about the child actress Mary Joseph Marshal that at the time of acting in said telenovela the little girl was about 6 years old. But now, over the years, she shows herself as a beautiful 16-year-old girl.

We also tell you that despite the fact that her incursion as an actress occurred ten years ago, today she continues trying to trace an artistic path. Until now, she has appeared in other soap operas like her in “My Heart is Yours” or “Sueño de amor”, as well as in the program “Como dice el dicho”.

María José Mariscal has a strong presence on social media

This is what María José Mariscal looks like at the age of 16. Fernando Colunga still has no children.

Also, we tell you that you can see what the famous actress looks like today, Mary Joseph Marshalwho at 16 has gained a lot of presence on her social networks, especially on Instagram where she constantly shows off some beautiful outfits and some of the activities she does.

But that’s not all, she is also establishing herself as a great content creator for the famous short video platform: Tik Tok. In the first social network she has a total of 587K followers, while in the second she has 2.8M followers.

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Does Fernando Colunga have children?

Fernando Colunga still has no children.

The soap opera heartthrob Fernando Colunga is 56 years old and in real life he has not married and has not had children. Also, the actor has always kept his private life away from the media. Although recently, in AmericanPost.News We tell you that the actor would be thinking of having children by the same method as Ricky Martin.

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