Diego Boneta clarified if he will soon marry Renata Notni

Diego Boneta responded about the rumors about a possible wedding with Renata Notni (Photo: @ diego / Instagram)

Diego Boneta, who became one of the “promise” actors in Mexico thanks to his performance as “Rocco Bezauri” in Rebel (2004), responded in a very sincere and forceful way about the rumors that revolve around his relationship with the actress Renata notni and a possible wedding after in previous days the couple celebrated their first anniversary as a couple and in social networks they squandered love through photographs and messages.

Under this sweet panorama, the protagonist of Luis Miguel, The Series, has been questioned about his future plans, specifically if he is willing to contemplate a wedding with the beautiful star when the right time comes.

Diego Boneta completed a year of relationship with the actress Picture taken September 25, 2021. REUTERS / Ringo Chiu
Diego Boneta fulfilled a year of relationship with the actress Picture taken September 25, 2021. REUTERS / Ringo Chiu (RINGO CHIU /)

In this regard, the interpreter spoke without filters, clearing up doubts once and for all and being very clear with his position for the show program Selling:

“I go one day at a time and it’s something where, you know, like we’re still dating and everything, but little by little …”

However, Diego Boneta was punctual when another of the communicators insisted on his questioning, so the actor spoke without further ado. “In some future, of course. I am very close to my family, for me, my family is super important and at some point totally […]”, He pointed out about that possibility for the program headed by Pati chapoy.

Most kindly, Diego took a few minutes to talk to the press, a space in which he took stock of what 2021 means to him, a year in which he was undoubtedly marked by love, a feeling that cannot hide and that is reflected in his face.

I’m very happy. I say (that I have lived) a very happy year … it has been an incredible year in every way, professionally, personally and I think the important thing is that, to have a good balance between the two … “, explained the actor who has participated in soap operas childish like SOS mission, Alegrijes and Rebujos or the talent show FAMA code.

(Photo: @ renotni / instagram)
The actress mentioned being very happy with their relationship (Photo: @ renotni / instagram)

It was last December 6 when Diego Boneta and Renata Notni They celebrated their first anniversary as a couple in a big way, and it was precisely on social networks the ideal space for the couple to make their fans of that moment participate.

The protagonist of soap operas like My lovely curse, A hook to the heart or Sea of ​​Love She was in charge of publishing a photograph with her beau, to whom she dedicated a brief but profound message, according to her fans, for her first anniversary: ​​”A year like this, and it just keeps getting better! I love you”Wrote the actress who has more than 4 million followers.

(Capture: @ diego / Instagram)
This is how their love was shown (Capture: @ diego / Instagram)

After this sentence, Diego Boneta responded with: “Better every time”. To make the moment more emotional, the star illustrated her words with a black and white photo in which they both appear hugging, a tender postcard that earned them endless congratulations and messages with good wishes.

In the same way, Diego corresponded to the gesture of his girlfriend by revealing another photo in which they appear both of the closest and smiling, happy of this stage that they have preferred to take away from the spotlights. “Exactly one year since they took this. Happy Anniversary! I love you”Said Boneta, a detail to which Renata responded completely moved. “One of the best, love. I love you“, wrote.

Diego Boneta seeks to take another step in his career and assured that he is interested in producing content in various formats that break with the conventional in which he can unite the best of Mexico with the best of Hollywood: “I want to be able to have my feet on both sides, do projects in the United States and Mexico”, He concluded.


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