Diego Boneta leaves all his fans shocked by the music video where he looks just like Luis Miguel!

Diego Boneta has left his millions of followers in networks surprised with a recent publication where he is shown recreating one of the most remembered music videos of the nineties.

The Mexican actor who has undergone an epic transformation to represent one of the singers of Latin music Luis Miguel within his autobiographical series by NetflixLuis Miguel: The Series”, Which is about to premiere its third and final season.

It is for the latter that the also singer has uploaded to his official Instagram account a music video of the hit song by Luismi “How is it possible that by my side”Where he manages to perfectly recreate each scene from the original video clip, but what has left his followers shocked is that Boneta looks exactly like the idol of Mexico.

The young actor who has earned the respect of the public for the excellent work he has been doing within this project for years, because he has not only adopted the mannerisms of “The Sun of Mexico”, But has also been able to interpret with his own voice some of the most representative songs in the singer’s career.

Within the images, not only the image of Diego in a wardrobe very similar to that used in the original video has been characterized, but also the color of the stage, the movement of the cameras, his hair, everything looks identical.

The reactions of his millions of fans have not had any restraint with their reactions since the video was published, at the moment it accumulates more than 700 thousand reproductions.

This video is so wtf in the history of Luis Miguel’s videos, but I love that they recreated it just the same“,”This video is honestly awesome. The similarity of the same because it is almost identical, not only the look and appearance of Diego, but even in the look of the models because it seems that they are the same “,”Wow! ‘How is it possible’ that you sing so much like Luis Mi? Wow! Good job! Can’t wait to watch the last season! ”Said some users of the social network.

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