Diego Boneta, why hasn’t he married Renata Notni?

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have become one of the most beloved couples and admired of the show thanks to their constant displays of love through social networks.

That is why many of their fans constantly ask them if they have wedding plans, because seeing them at the altar would be their illusion, but recently the actress declared that they have other plans.

It turns out that the beautiful actress Renata Notni: “At the moment I’m with him and I’m happy, but I’m very focused on enjoying the day to day and so I don’t futurear or anything. I think that if the pandemic taught us anything, it is that the only thing we have is the moment and nothing, enjoying every day, my work, my family, my friends and health above all, that we are healthy.

Why haven’t Diego Boneta and Renata Notni married?

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni

Among other details, the beautiful actress Renata Notni has highlighted that at 27 years old and Diego, 31, they are very well as boyfriends, without planning anything in the long term. It will be fate that surprises them:

“What you see is not judged’. Everything will be in its own time, you have to live stage by stage and enjoy because there is no rush for anything and everything arrives when it has to arrive. Right now we are enjoying our relationship and living day to day.”

marriage rumors

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni

Last January, it transpired that during his vacation in New York, the protagonist of Luis Miguel, the series and the actress had engaged in marriage. However, he denied this information.

“No, what I can tell you is that at this moment I am very happy. Don’t believe everything you read in the media. I saw that and I burst out laughing.”

Finally, the famous actor Diego Boneta clarified: “I am focused on this moment and later we will see what comes next, I am happy, and that is all. More than anything, it was very funny to see, these are things that are out of my control and as I tell you, it was more than anything funny to see that, “he said at the time.

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