Diego Maradona predicted the bad exit of Lionel Messi

Diego Maradona, in an interview in 2017, had predicted the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona in an inglorious way.

The tears of Leo Messi the previous Sunday in the Camp Nou hall where he said goodbye to the culé fans combined the frustration of how his goodbye from Barça has been gestated to the simple fact that he did not want to leave.

Diego Maradona was a “fortune teller”

Diego Messi
Messi said goodbye, well Barcelona said goodbye. AP Photo

A fact that Maradona predicted years ago. The soccer star who left the world in 2020 knew Messi well, but even more so, what it was like to be a star at FC Barcelona.

Diego Maradona spent two seasons at Barça, where he did not finish deploying his best football and his career was marked above all by hepatitis and the criminal fracture that Goikoetxea caused him. After that year, he would go to Naples.

Maradona said that history would repeat itself with Messi.

Messi ended up leaving for PSG on bad terms. Photo: Twitter PSG in Spanish

This was transmitted by Maradona to the Infobae journalist, Pablo Cavallero, in 2017, but noting that this would be repeated with Messi. A couple of months earlier, Leo’s conviction by the Supreme Court for tax evasion had been upheld.

In that conversation, Diego Maradona saw it as a bad omen. Four years have passed and the Argentine at that time was once again renewing his contract, the same one that ended up weighing down Barça’s economy. Diego shook his head.

Diego’s words about Messi

Messi diego
Messi has closed an era at Barcelona. AP Photo.

“I know that Messi is going to go badly with Barcelona. Or, at least, it’s not going to go as it deserves. I left the same. Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona club, don’t care what you give them, they don’t thank you, ”said Diego Maradona.

They are going to pay him as they paid me, ”Maradona declared at that time. Messi especially had problems with Bartomeu, president to whom he sent a burofax requesting his departure from the club for a clause that was later shown to have expired.

The case of Pelusa in Barcelona

: Diego Maradona
Diego Armando Maradona spent something like 700 days at Barcelona. Photo: GettyImages.

In the biography of Maradona written by Ernesto CherquisBialo and Daniel Arcucci, he explains that the president did not let him go to a match in honor of Paul Breitner where he was going to go along with BerndSchuster.

Barça did not give them their passports and both showed up at the Camp Nou to ask for them. They stopped the Argentine in the trophy room and told him that José Luis was not present. Thus, the ’10’ went crazy.

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