Diego Santoy the only Cumbres murderer according to TikTok case

On TikTok eduardosinuser, a user who narrates controversial cases, assures that Diego Santoy the only Cumbre assassins. Let us remember, 15 years ago, on March 2, 2006, the horrible murder known as the “Summit Case” occurred, where the first version of events, Diego Santoy, declared guilty.

Eduardosinuser tells that in the 80’s Leopoldo del Real was hired to sadistically extort those who did not pay their bills, but when he died he left several “disciples” and the best of them is curiously the lawyer of Diego Santoy, Raquenel Villanueva.

Diego Santoy the only assassin of Cumbres?

Raquenel Villanueva, a disciple of Leopoldo del Real?

This lawyer used many tricks to get suspected culprits out of jail, an act that according to Eduardosinuser, he used for “benefit” of Santoy, for this reason he changed his version of the events from when he said he was guilty, to say that his girlfriend Erika was also involved in the murder.

Then Diego Santoy said that he had become romantically involved with his mother-in-law, which had caused a fit of anger in Erika that led her to kill her brothers.

Eduardosinuser supports that Diego Santoy is the only Cumbres assassin because his lawyer Villanueva had the versions changed to manipulate the law and the public eye, to the extent that until today it is believed that Erika Peña Coss killed her brothers.

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