Diego Valdés will wear the ’10’ at Club América

The America club announced via social networks that the newcomer Diego Valdes, will carry the mythical number 10′ in his clothing as a player for the eagles at the Clausura 2022.

As you will remember, the ’10’ has been worn by great figures of America, some of them even transcended as legends of the blue cream campus, although they have also had their exceptions.

Diego Valdés arrived in Coapa to reinforce the midfield and it will be in this Closing 2022 when we finally see him with the number ’10’ of the eagles.

Diego Valdés receives the number ’10’ of the eagles

The eagles of America they found the ideal player to carry the number 10′ in their clothing. Through social networks they made it known that the Chilean Diego Valdes It was the one.

“Because this shield defends itself with life,” they shared.

The number ’10’ has been carried, to say the least, by legends such as Salvador Cabañas, Cuahtémoc Blanco and players who left a bad taste in their mouths like Giovanni dos santos and recently Sebastián Córdova, who will now play for the Tigers.

Club América’s first match at Clausura 2022

Club América’s first match at Clausura 2022

Santiago Solari confirmed that the squad suffers from a shortage of players, because after three of them gave positive to Covid-19, many others are not yet ready to start on Friday against Puebla.

  • Day: Friday, January 7
  • Hours: 9:00 p.m.
  • Matchday: 1
  • Place: Cuauhtémoc Stadium
  • Transmission channels: TV Azteca

The America club left a bad taste in the mouth of his fans, because despite finishing the regular stage as super leader, they were eliminated by the Pumas in the quarterfinals of Opening 2021.

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