Differences at Red Bull? Max Verstappen would be upset by the leading role of Checo Pérez in Monaco

Photo: Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Sergio Checo Pérez won the Monaco Grand Prix and made history with the third victory of his career and the second with the Red Bull team. However, not everything has been joy since, according to what the Medium Don Balón published, Verstappen’s defeat brings the World Cup closer to Leclerc and that is why the waters within the team are a bit troubled.

Given this reality, the Dutch driver Max Verstappen would not be very happy, because he considers that Red Bull has given the Mexican driver a lot of prominence after his well-deserved victory that places him among the best athletes in his country and Latin America.

Sergio Checo Pérez has had an excellent season, beginning by doing a great job as second driver and also obtaining his own merits that have made him add excellent performances in each competition corresponding to Formula 1 where his team is in the lead.

Max Verstappen dissatisfied with the behavior of Red Bull

In the Monaco Grand Prix, Verstappen was in third place, behind his closest competitor, the Frenchman Charles Leclerc and his teammate Sergio Checo Pérez. In this sense, Jos Verstappen, father and Max, would have harshly criticized the Red Bull team since he considers that they gave the Mexican driver too much prominence.

For this reason Max Verstappen would not be very happy. This incident, added to the one at the Premio de España where Checo was annoyed by the team’s orders, would be adding negative arguments and creating certain annoyances within the group.

“As a father, I was also disappointed in the race. Max’s third place was very disappointing. We all saw that it was a difficult weekend for him. It starts with a car, which simply does not yet have the characteristics for his driving style, ”criticized Max’s father in statements to Crash, reviewed by Don Balón.

“Red Bull managed a good result, but at the same time exerted little influence to help Max to the front. That he finished third was due to a mistake by Ferrari at that second stop by Charles”, Jos continued angrily.

Charles Leclerc attentive to differences in Red Bull

But if there is someone who pays close attention to these small disputes, it is the native of Monaco and second in the standings, Charles Lecrec, and even more so taking into account the tight score for the standings in which he is only separated by nine points from Max Verstappen.

Leclerc together with Sainz have shown to be a good duo for Ferrari, the same as Verstappen and Checo for Red Bull, so the red bull team hopes that these small incidents remain just that and thus be able to continue with the objective.

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