Diosa Canales drives her fans crazy shaking her rear in a black floss-like thong

The impressive figure of Goddess Channels It is something that has undoubtedly driven its millions of fans crazy for a long time. In this opportunity, some recent videos of the Venezuelan showed again that despite the passing of the years, the curvaceous still continues to be one of the women of the show business that enjoys a body worthy of admiration.

A few days ago, the actress and singer did her thing and had no qualms about publishing a couple of clips in which she was admired wiggling her rear as she poses with her back to the camera, wearing a t-shirt without a bra, high heel shoes, and a black floss-like thong that covers almost nothing of her voluptuous attribute.

In a matter of a few hours, the publications of the also vedette have managed to add almost 79 thousand views and hundreds of compliments.

Previously, Diosa Canales published a series of images of the presentation she made in Barranquilla, Colombia, where on that occasion, She wore a black top and tight leggings with transparencies that revealed her tiny underwear.


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