Diosa Canales opens her jacket and reveals her statuesque body without underwear

The Venezuelan singer and model Diosa Canales sure knows how to turn up the temperature in Instagramwhere he shared an image that leaves very little to the imagination, since she poses without underwearhe only wears a bag that covers half of his body.

The 35-year-old starlet also has one of the most sculptural bodies of the artistic medium and he knows it very well, and he does not miss the opportunity to show off on his Instagram account, where he constantly receives compliments.

Goddess Canales with a daring jacket

“Now I come brand new,” the Venezuelan wrote on the social network, where she shared a black and white photograph, where she wears a long unbuttoned jacket, revealing that she is not wearing underwear.

Only part of the sac covers half of his body, since On the other side, one of her large breasts can be seen, which covers a part with her long hair..

Turn up the heat on Instagram

But that’s not all, because without a doubt, Diosa Canales arouses low passions, since she leaves little to the imagination, since she shows part of her naked body, showing part of her abdomen, and leg.

A part of the sac covers your intimate partwhich makes her look like her name, a whole Goddess, but on an earthly level.

In the image you can see that the beautiful model wears long boots that cover half of her legs.

Followers shower her with compliments

“What a beautiful, sexy and precious lady. Woooow there are simply no words to describe such beauty”highlights some of the comments from the model’s followers.

And it is that Diosa does not hesitate to show her attributes with transparencies or very little clothing and even in very suggestive and daring poses.

For example, in an image that she recently shared, it is seen that she is wearing a top, which leaves part of her breasts exposed and a daring black miniskirt that covers only the essentials.

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