Diosa Canales wears a bra and micro-thong to celebrate one million followers on TikTok

Goddess Channels He is still unstoppable and once again raised the temperature on Instagram by uploading a video announcing that he had reached a million followers on his Instagram account. TikTok.

In the hot clip, the Venezuelan singer appears standing moving her curvaceous hips, clad in a bra and an animal print micro-thong that barely covers her most intimate parts and highlights her tempting legs and laundry abdomen.

“Celebrating my million on TikTok”, is the short text that accompanies the video of Diosa Canales that is about to reach 96 thousand views and has hundreds of compliments.

“Spectacular body ❤️👏”, “@diosamundial 🔥🔥🔥 the cutie from Venezuela 😍😍” and “You look great hottie 🔥🤤”, are just to mention some of the messages they left for her.

Previously, Diosa Canales exceeded 100,000 views through a short video where she appears shaking her rear in a suggestive positiondressed in high latex boots, bra, and a strappy panties.

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