Director of ‘La Academia’ is caught harassing a student

The controversy has ignited on social networks after a clip was revealed where a director of ‘The academy’ It is expressed by a student.

As part of the rehearsals prior to the concert this Saturday, the production of the reality show performs camera tests with costumes included.

That is why the students of this generation prepare and model their movements before the staff, being precisely at this moment where everything was recorded.

They expose the director of ‘The Academy’ harassing a student

through the account of Twitter of “La Comadrita” We found out that Carlos Flores, camera director of the program, would have harassed a student.

“Today is very sexy, mmm mommy”, were some words that she expressed while Cesia was seen on stage rehearsing her participation this Saturday.

The clip has certainly turned on Internet users, opening debate, and even going to the Instagram account of the aforementioned director to claim him, who had to restrict comments.

Currently the production of Aztec TV He has not spoken about this case, however it is expected that in future reports on the situation.

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Where and at what time to see ‘The Academy’

Where and at what time to see ‘The Academy’

This famous reality show arrives week after week with an extensive repertoire of songs and the best reviews for students who, above all, seek to earn an opportunity.

The program that leads the entertainment news is broadcast twice a week, having two galas on Saturday and Sunday.

‘The Academy 2022‘ will be broadcast again this Sunday, where by orders of the musical director there will be another eliminated.

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