Disagree: Cristiano Ronaldo lashed out at the Ballon d’Or organization

This Monday the Ballon d’Or gala will be held in Paris where the best players will compete among which is Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the Portuguese is not the favorite to win the award, something that did not please the Manchester United player who ended up exploding against the organization due to statements by the person in charge of the gala.

Ronaldo, who dreams of being able to retire with more Ballon d’Or than Messi, as expressed by Pascal Ferré, responsible for the awards; ended up publishing a forceful message of rejection to the organization of the event a few moments after it began.

“Today’s outcome explains why Pascal Ferré’s statements last week, when he said that I trusted him that my only ambition was to finish my career with more Ballon d’Or than Lionel Messi ”.

Pascal Ferré lied, he used my name to promote himself and promote the publication for which he works. It is unacceptable that the person responsible for awarding such a prestigious award could lie in this way, in absolute disrespect to someone who has always respected France Football and the Ballon d’Or. He lied again today, justifying my absence from the Gala with a supposed quarantine that doesn’t have to exist ”.

On the other hand, the Portuguese showed his respect towards his teammates and rivals who will also compete against him to obtain the long-awaited Ballon d’Or.

“I always want to congratulate those who win, within the sportsmanship and fair play that have guided my career from the beginning, and I do it because I am never against anyone. I always win for myself and for the clubs I represent, I win for myself and for those who love me. I don’t beat anyone ”.

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