Discouragement in El Salvador: La Selecta players do not want to face El Tri on the last date of the Concacaf octagonal

Photo: Wenedll Escoto / AFP / Getty Images

The Savior They no longer have the option of going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. They are in sixth position in the Concacaf octagonal for the last FIFA triple date, and it seems that many Salvadoran players do not want to be called up to play these “procedural” matches.

Roberto Dominguezdefender of El Salvador, gave a statement to distance himself from the apparent decision of many of his usual teammates in the national team.

Every time they call me to Selection, I introduce myself. I cannot interfere in the decision of other colleagues, they will know why, I will always be ready when they call me“, he pointed.

No further information has been released regarding the players who would not want to attend with La Selecta for this qualifying date. However, the despondency is clear in a group that has been overtaken by rivals time and time again en route to Qatar 2022.

The renewal process will start quickly. Jamaica, Costa Rica and Mexico will be El Salvador’s rivals in the last triple date.