Discover Puerto Rico promotes unexplored places on the Island

Discover Puerto Rico promotes unexplored places on the Island

Through “Population: YOU”, it seeks to promote the exploration of the island’s natural resources in a safe and responsible manner. / Discover Puerto Rico

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Discover Puerto Rico, the Island’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), in collaboration with two local influencers, municipalities and the Department of Natural Resources (DNER) has identified eight unusual locations, and challenges visitors and locals to find them through a series of clues that will be shared on its website and profiles social networks.

“Travelers have developed a new appreciation for conscious travel, and Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for those who want to reconnect with nature, but not with the crowds. Through “Population: YOU”, we want to promote the exploration of the island’s natural resources in a safe and responsible manner. American travelers will quickly realize that Puerto Rico has the allure of an exotic destination with the ease and convenience of not needing a passport, ”said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico.

From hidden waterfalls to secluded beaches, each location has been carefully chosen and many of them can only be accessed on foot or by sea; their names will not be released. The eight locations are marked with an environmentally friendly sign, produced locally, with the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location and a clue.

Discover Puerto Rico will share an image of each “Population: YOU” location through its website, Facebook and Instagram and will challenge its followers to find these hidden gems the next time they travel to the Island. themselves, explorers can also find …

● A wonderful waterfall

● A pine forest

● A canyon full of curiosities

● A paradisiacal beach out of the ordinary

● A delightfully uninhabited island

● A few coquíes singing

● A cave on the beach accessible only occasionally

● A pair of curious seagulls

Visitors will receive clues to reach the areas chosen by the campaign. / Discover Puerto Rico

“We are excited to see this initiative come to fruition and we appreciate the work that Discover Puerto Rico has put into raising awareness about the natural wonders that can be found throughout the Island,” said Rafael Machargo Maldonado, DRNA secretary. “Our Island really has a lot to offer, and we hope that travelers will continue to experience Puerto Rico by visiting unexplored places with our help and guidance.”

Discover Puerto Rico worked with two local influencers, Luis Sousa, from @sousa_pr, and Miguel Camilo, from @latitudperfecta, to help identify the points that will be highlighted during the campaign; In addition, it worked hand in hand with the municipalities where each place is located, as well as with the Department of Natural Resources (DNER) to identify each location and make sure that, although they are little explored places, they are accessible to those who wish to visit them in a way. responsable.

In addition to these eight remote locations, Puerto Rico has a wide variety of natural offerings for travelers to explore, including three of the world’s five bioluminescent bays, the only rainforest in the United States Forest Service, El Yunque, an impressive forest. dry, incredible pink salt flats, a unique cave systems and much more. Being a US territory, no passport, currency exchange, or a new phone plan is required, offering ease of travel.

Visitors are advised to check the entry requirements before visiting Puerto Rico as they have been recently updated. For example, fully vaccinated travelers from the continental United States do not need a negative COVID test to enter. In addition, masks are no longer required in outdoor spaces for those who are fully vaccinated, among other protocols.

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