Discover who are the celebrities who have Belinda tattooed on their skin

From the beginning of his artistic career, appearing in soap operas and releasing children’s albums with unforgettable songs like “Sapito”, until her triumph as a singer and actress having sales successes and appearing in Netflix series, Belinda has established herself as one of the most acclaimed stars of the generation.

His talent has brought him many job opportunities, but It has also attracted several men who have not been able to resist the charisma and charm of the singer.

Being the owner of one of the most appreciated beauties in the business, it is understandable that Belinda raises eyes and captures hearts left and right. So that it is normal that many celebrities have fallen madly in love with herto the point of dedicating a tattoo to the actress.

As a compilation, and to record Belinda’s power, we list all the celebrities who have marked their skin in her honor.

Chris Angel

The popular street magician, Chris Angelwas one of the first famous couples of the singer. They began their relationship in 2017, explosively, with great signs of love between them that were supported in their social networks. His love was such that the popular magician shared the tattoo with the name Belinda on his chest on his networks.

Lupillo Rivera

By sharing the screen on the television program “La Voz”, Rumors about a love relationship between Lupillo Rivera and Belinda were very strong. Everything seemed to be confirmed when the singer decided to tattoo Belinda’s face on one of his arms.

Christian Nodal

Belinda’s last couple, Christian Nodal, He went even further than his previous suitors, since he dedicated more than one tattoo to himwriting the word “Beli” behind her ear, tattooing the actress’s eyes on her breasts and marking the word “Utopia” on her forehead, which is related to Belinda’s second album.

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