Disney will expand its commercial agreement with Target, but will close 60 stores in the US.

Disney will expand its commercial agreement with Target, but will close 60 stores in the US.

Disney products have been liked by millions of Americans for years.


In early 2021, Disney announced that it would close several of its independent retail stores in different parts of the United States outside of its theme parks as part of a commercial strategy. But the scenario is not catastrophic as you might think for fans of the brand.

Those looking for Disney products need not be concerned. The company has been opening stores at Target locations of large retailers for years, those stores are ready to expand.

Target announced Monday that it will triple the number of Disney stores at its locations by the end of the year, and 160 will be added before the holiday shopping season, offsetting the closure of several Disney stores.

Yesterday, WGN-TV reported that Disney will close all of its stores in the Chicago area in mid-September. On the same day, NJ.com reported that four of the five Disney stores in the state of New Jersey would disappear in the next few weeks.

The Disney website reported that 11 of the 14 stores in the Los Angeles subway are being closed and only the three area Disney stores will remain at this point.

In Minneapolis, Disney’s only location in the Mall of America is already permanently closed, and the only store in St. Louis will also disappear by September 15.

In Orlando, where Walt Disney World is located, the only Disney store other than those at the resort will also close its doors. Disney announced in March that would close at least 60 of its retail stores in the United States for the end of the year.

Stephanie Young, president of Disney’s consumer products, games and publishing, informed Reuters at the time: “While consumer behavior has shifted towards online shopping, the global pandemic has changed what consumers expect from a retailer ”.

Online commerce has changed the customs of commerce not only in the United States, for this reason many companies have had to change their approaches and business models in order to remain current and more in the context of the pandemic.

Since Covid-19 arrived, the retail business has undergone a notorious revolution in its ways and means for consumers to acquire all kinds of products, for this reason it is not surprising that Disney has decided to close various points of sale throughout the country.

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