Disney World in Florida kicks off the parks’ 50th anniversary celebration with the Latin spark

It is the third time that Mexicans Alejandra Canales and Saúl Moreno visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida. But this time, the company promises you the most magical celebration in the world.

Although the married couple resides in Stockton, California, where Disneyland is located, in and of itself traveling to the parks at Bay Lake means a higher level of adventure.

“We are from California and there are only two parks there, and here there are four. It’s the same magic, but there are four parks, there are more options, ”Moreno said when approached by El Diario de Nueva York about the decision to travel for this date when the 50th anniversary of theme parks are celebrated in the Florida city.

To ensure an unprecedented experience and access to the various attractions amid the limitations of the pandemic, Hispanics began planning the journey six months ago, arriving in Orlando last Monday.

Although this is the third time, these recurring attendees say that strolling through Disney always feels like the first time.

The possibility of enjoying as children again, regardless of age, and the inclusive treatment they receive from the park staff, are two of the reasons they return.

“Here we are all children, at any age we are children. We are happy all day, ”Moreno described.

“It’s the experience, they really make you feel good, that you are a very appreciated guest, they treat you well … and everything is clean, everything is beautiful,” added Canales.

Those ideas about happiness as a value, and the promise of a better world in which fantasy and imagination are the axis to achieve any dream, was what, since before October 1, 1971 (official opening date) , guided Walt Disney World’s plans to create the magical space.

Today, on the occasion of the five decades of the opening of these parks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom), the bases that sustain them remain the same.

“As a ‘cast member’ the most majestic thing about this celebration is the fact that the story of who we are as a company, the legacy Walt left us when he founded the company, that legacy is still here. And, yes, we have changed, we have evolved, that is part of, if one does not evolve, one does not move forward. But, still, at the center of everything, is what he wanted us to be – first of all – a place that when people come, they forget reality, and enter a world where they can have fun, no matter their age. Whether you’re a kid or a big kid like us, ”said Vanessa Rosas, a Puerto Rican who works as an administrator for Sports Business Development at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

Among the changes associated with the 50th anniversary, the new show of lights, water and fireworks stands out every night at Epcot Center’s World Showcase Lagoon as part of the park expansion that is expected to continue for at least the next two years.

The show “Harmonious”, one of the largest in Disney history, unites more than 240 musicians and singers, 13 languages ​​and 15 songs Disney classics interpreted with the particular style of each artist.

The exhibition combines giant floating screens, moving fountains, lights, pyrotechnics and lasers with a 360-degree view.

It is the first time that the Hispanic presence is integrated into one of these shows with the voices of the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, and the Mexican Joy, from the duo “Jesse & Joy” as part of the cast of artists.

“Harmonious”, a show that seeks to highlight the importance of Hispanics and other minorities in the United States.

In the opinion of the Cuban-American Karina Mena, creative production company in celebration of 50 years, the show is proof of the company’s commitment to developing relevant content not only for Hispanics but for other minorities in America.

“That was a process that took about five years, because authenticity is very important to have that representation, and, during the show, we have Disney’s favorite songs performed in more than 12 languages, by a cast of almost 240 musicians and singers. from all over the world. And that was a big priority to have that inclusive representation of different cultures of the world, ”added Mena, who since childhood has been in awe of Disney’s music as a key part of its physical and film infrastructure.

In that sense, “Harmonious” celebrates the harmony of human connection through music.

Music is a universal theme. It is the only language that can be felt in the heart and has the power to inspire and unify us as human beings ”, considered the singer and exorator of the show“ American Idol Experience ”.

Sarah Domenech, Disney’s public relations manager for the Hispanic public, agreed with Mena on the importance of including the Hispanic community in this celebration.

“With that alone (Harmonious) we have a super granite in there. We are also adding many things from the ‘Coco’ movie. Although it is a film very based on Mexico, it is one that has appealed a lot to the feelings and to generations of Latinos who are always with our grandmothers and our great-grandparents… ”, the Puerto Rican woman also added.

Luis Fonsi and Joy, from “Jesse & Joy”, representatives of Latin culture

For Fonsi, his participation in the show was a new facet of your “fantastic tour” of Disney World.

“A year ago one of the producers of this show called me, they were looking for a voice that would represent the Latin culture to do the voice of this movie ‘Coco’, of this song ‘Remember me’. Honestly, I don’t know how they got there, but I’m happy they did it because I have a lot of ties with Disney, I lived here in this city for several years, and who doesn’t like Disney music, “said the Puerto Rican in an exclusive exchange with the media. Hispanic Press Office from Disney Contemporary Resort.

“(The producer) told me a lot about this Harmonious project. It will be the most important show that Disney has doneIt is going to mix cultures, languages; And now, when he starts to talk to me about that point of view, we have to represent our language, our culture, our island (Puerto Rico), and there, well I said yes quickly ”, added the singer known worldwide for the popularity of his song “Despacito”.

“(The producer) told me a lot about this Harmonious project. It is going to be the most important show that Disney has done, it is going to mix cultures, languages; And now, when he begins to speak to me from that point of view, we have to represent our language, our culture, our island (Puerto Rico), and there, well I said yes quickly, ”said the interpreter who also focuses on on the release of a song next month as well as a new album.

“Harmonious”, however, is not the only novelty for the 50 years.

Visitors to the theme parks over the next 18 months will encounter 50 golden sculptures of the different Disney characters distributed by Magic Kingdom. Iconic Disney figures, such as Mickey and Minnie, will also stroll in full dress around the facilities of the place.

“Enchantment” is another of the nightly shows that visitors can see daily, but in Magic Kingdom.

As part of the presentation, Cinderella’s castle will light up every night up Main Street (main access road to the park) with lights and images from Disney movies as fireworks light up the skies.

“The center of everything is represented in Cinderella’s castle, because there you see how big that dream wanted to be. The castle has been covered with iridescent colors and details of ribbons and the logo of the 50th anniversary… ”, highlighted Rosas on the renewed image of the iconic structure and surrounding areas.

Disney expands gastronomic offer for 50th anniversary

The Disney team has also not forgotten expand the varied gastronomic offer in their parks on the occasion of the festival.

Those who come to Epcot will be able to savor dishes from the six continents in the different kiosks distributed throughout the space at the “Food and Wine Festival”.

Food and beverage selection runs through November 20.

Also, as part of the culinary options, Disney inaugurated the Space 220 restaurant with chef Marc Lusche’s menu. It’s an out-of-this-world experience where visitors take an elevator some 220 miles to Epcot’s World Discovery to eat from a “Centauri Burger * and the” Big Bang Burrata “to the” Galactic Lobster Globe. ” While tasting the dishes, they continue to travel to “space” through the three-dimensional images of astronauts and other elements of the cosmos.

For lovers of crepes, next to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Tour Premiere, based on the hit Pixar movie of the same name, “La Creperie de Paris”, in the pavilion of FranceChef Jérôme Bocuse’s creations range from stuffed dough with salmon to chocolate nuts.

Visitors must reserve spaces to the parks online

It should be noted that to access all these attractions without problems, visitors are required to reserve tickets online in addition to buying tickets in advance.

Masks are not mandatory in outdoor areas, but they are in closed spaces since Disney reopened in July of last year after the temporary closure that began in March.

“We began the reopening of Disney in all of our parks around the world with limited capacity and with a new reservation system. Not only do you need your tickets to enter, you need to reserve the day and the park you are going to visit, and that has been an adjustment for everyone, but so far it has worked very well, “specified Domenech.

“Now planning is more important than before, plan your visit well, your days and see which park you are going to go to,” said the spokeswoman.