DJ Andy’s Val, the voice behind “Chacarron,” dies at 47

"DJ Andy's Val, famed for 'Chacarron,' passes. The music industry and fans mourn, remembering his legacy in the Latin urban genre.

The music industry is reeling from the sudden passing of DJ Andy’s Val, the artist behind the global hit “Chacarron.” Andres Henry de la Cruz, DJ Andy’s Val, was a significant figure in Latin America’s music scene, celebrated for his warmth and musical prowess. The world, especially the Latin music community, feels the void left by his departure.

DJ Andy’s Val, a household name in Panama, was responsible for several hits that resonated deeply with fans. Beyond “Chacarron,” tunes like “Chorry Sun,” “Codito o Na,” and “Salvación” showcased his talent and solidified his status as one of Central America’s finest entertainers. His dedication extended beyond singing; he was a known event animation and music production figure.

His most recognized track, “Chacarron,” originally debuted in 2003 when he was part of Comando Tiburón. Interestingly, “Chacarron” is believed to be a play on the English phrase “Shark around.” Despite DJ Andy’s Val’s limited English proficiency, his attempt to sing in the language added a comedic but rhythmic touch. This unique style captured the audience’s attention and led to its resurgence a few years later, produced by “El Chombo.” This rendition soared in popularity across the Americas and even charted in parts of Europe.

Tributes pour in

The loss of DJ Andy’s Val has prompted an outpouring of emotion, especially from the Panamanian urban music community. Fellow artists, fans, and friends took to social media to express their sorrow and share memories of the artist.

Rodney Sebastian Clark Donalds, better known as “El Chombo,” who collaborated with DJ Andy’s Val on “Chacarron,” was one of the first to confirm the sad news, penning a heartfelt message: “See you later, little brother. Chacarrón”.

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Another notable tribute came from DJ Mckoy, who wrote, “He went to the other neighborhood. We deeply regret the loss of a brother. Rest in peace, bro, and a hug to his family”.

The mystery surrounding his demise

While the music community mourns, questions about DJ Andy’s Val’s untimely death remain unanswered. The 47-year-old artist’s demise on September 11 has led to speculation regarding the cause. Though many media outlets suggest it was due to a cardiac arrest, there has been no official confirmation from his close circle.

Regardless of the circumstances, DJ Andy’s Val’s legacy in music, particularly in the Latin urban genre, remains undeniable. His contributions, especially the infectious rhythms of “Chacarron,” will continue to echo in nightclubs and parties, ensuring his spirit lives on.