“Do not send me money”: Ángela Aguilar was disturbed when receiving donations from her fans

The singer Ángela Aguilar is desperate for not knowing how to handle a social network perfectly.

Photo: Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

The singer Ángela Aguilar recently decided to make a Live through the TikTok social network, but apparently things did not go as she expecteddue to the emotion that many of her followers felt when they saw her connected.

After taking a few seconds active on the aforementioned platform, users began to send donations. Supposedly she did not know how to handle this issue, while she showed despair and stress when she saw that she continued to receive such notifications.

I don’t want them to send me money. I want us to have a fun live. Please don’t send me money, I don’t know how to stop that function, what is that heart? What’s that? Yaaaa!”, the interpreter of ‘Tell me how you want’ said during the aforementioned broadcast.

One of the members of the ‘Aguilar Dynasty’ several times she asked the people who were sharing with her during the Live, to please not continue sending her those amounts of flowers by the application, the same thing happened with the hearts, and that finally end up being contributions for those who make content, a fact that is registered with recognized personalities in the world of entertainment.

Don’t send me money, buy tickets for my next concert.” Don’t send me money that I have left over”, “Angela, give that money to people in need if you don’t want it”, “There are two of us, I don’t know how those roses work either”, “Somebody explain to us what those things are for, I I do not know”, “But you can disable them”, “Don’t send me money, they proceed to send everyone”, were some expressions that left the interpreter of ‘Your blood in my body’.

Thus, immediately the way in which he acted went viral. However, many of those who use the platform also do not know what the function of making these types of shipments is, and it is that it consists of accumulating profits depending on the number of impressions that the person has.

TikTok also benefits because they receive part of those donations, while the receiver can use it in promotions. In turn, these types of dynamics apply only if the person has more than 100 thousand followers.

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