Do you have Parkinson’s disease? The actor Eduardo Yáñez speaks after the strong rumors

Eduardo Yanez.

Photo: Eduardo Yáñez. / Mezcalor

The actor Eduardo Yáñez denied this Tuesday that he is suffering from Parkinson’s. The Mexican was forced to clarify several rumors where they claimed that he already had the aforementioned medical diagnosis. In addition, some media even mentioned his possible removal from the screens due to the condition that turned out to be false.

“Good morning to all my fans, to all those who follow me, to my haters also good morning. I want to clarify again a stupid note that came out today in which it is said that I have Parkinson’s disease “he said in a video that he posted on his Instagram social network profile.

In addition, the protagonist of ‘Destilando Amor’, expressed his annoyance at the negative comments that have been registered against him in recent hours due to a health condition that he is not really experiencing.

“What I want to tell you here with my partner and everyone around me: ‘That I am not sick with Parkinson’s disease, with all due respect to those who do suffer from it, I think that the one who makes a note of this nature is because he wishes you the worst, so my mother told me never to retaliate, but to fuck her mother, “he added in the aforementioned audiovisual.

Earlier, TVNotas magazine had assured that Yáñez had now been diagnosed with this disease that unfortunately cannot be cured. According to a person close to him was the one who would have given the sad news that now turns out not to be true.

Eduardo was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which has him very worried, because although he is in his first stage, he fears that as he progresses he will be unable to work, ”was part of the content revealed by the magazine.

The alleged source would have said that the actor and that he would have presented the symptoms recently. “In the middle of last year he started with small tremors and things fell off, but he thought it was part of the stress; He tried to be calmer and began to take vitamins … he jumped his hand and felt strange (He went) with a neurologist: they did studies and unfortunately diagnosed Parkinson’s, ”reviewed the aforementioned medium.

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