Do you want to build? Calculate a budget to build a house

Buying a house is almost always a source of excitement for those who buy it; however, some people find it more convenient to build a home from scratch, as this has several benefits.

On this occasion, we will tell you a little about the advantages and disadvantages that exist when building a house in the United States, so that you can make the right decision and meet all your goals!

Advantages of building a house

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1 The house is new


One of the main advantages of building a house is that it will be brand new from the ground up; Thus, you will have the certainty that there are no wear or damage that could detract from its value.

Likewise, a new house represents a form of investment, since it will be adapted to your needs and you can use it for any purpose such as sale or rent, in the near future.

2 You can customize it

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Many people choose to build their own home based on the fact that existing homes include general rather than specific needs, so it is sometimes more convenient to customize it to the client’s taste.

Building a house is deciding how many rooms it will have, if it will be one or two floors (or more), where the bathrooms, the living room, the dining room and everything that a person or family needs to live comfortably will be located.

3 You can build a modern house

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Another advantage is that people can build a modern house, adapted to the most current trends in construction, both to ensure people’s safety and to benefit from technological innovations.

A modern house sometimes involves lower energy costs, thanks to insulation techniques or the placement of solar panels; For this reason, it is important to quote a construction expert.

Disadvantages of building a house

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1 The price may rise

Perhaps one of the first disadvantages to consider when deciding to build a home is the fact that the budget can skyrocket due to material and labor costs.

This is because the user must pay for the plans of the house, the costs associated with the construction, the labor and all the electrical appliances that are often included with it.

2 There are additional costs

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Of course, it is important to take into account that emergency expenses almost always arise that must be considered in the initial budget, so the person in charge of the construction could spend several thousand extra dollars.

The additional costs have the potential to significantly increase the value of the construction, money that while it is an investment, could also result in a loss for the client.

3 Building a house can take months

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The advantage of buying a house already built is that, once the agreement is closed, the buyer can move to start the renovations or simply decorate in their own style.

In the case of a construction, it can take several months, and although it is true that it can be built quickly, it is necessary to contemplate a delay depending on the weather conditions or the availability of workers.

How much does it cost to build a house in the United States?

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1 The first cost is the purchase of the land

One of the first steps to contemplate will be the place where you want to build a house; the area is very important, and it will determine the price of the land that the buyer will have to pay.

The first cost will be the purchase of the land, and this price will be subject to the area of ​​the city in which it is decided to build, as well as the dimensions that the buyer has chosen for their home.

2 You need an architect or engineer to design the project

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Another payment to consider in the budget is the salary of the engineer or architect who will be in charge of supervising that the construction is carried out properly.

An architect will be able to help draw up the plans and design the project, although this will significantly increase the final budget. The advantage is that you will have the certainty that your structure will be built under the law.

3 Determine the feasibility of services

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What does this point consist of? Well, it is a question of verifying that the place where the construction will be carried out has a septic tank or a connection to a sewage system.

You will also need a water source and viability with electrical connections; If not, they must be built, and their price will vary according to the state in which the construction site is located.

4 Take into account the management of permits

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Building permits for a home range from $ 1,500 to $ 10,000, taking into account factors such as location, type of home, and size of the home.

Having the necessary permits will guarantee that the house complies with all the safety regulations imposed by the authorities to resist natural disasters and provide safe access in case of emergency.

5 Decide what your building materials will be

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An important decision to take into account will be the material with which a home will be built; It is possible to use materials such as wood or brick, in addition to placing granite, concrete and some coatings inside.

Of course, the cost of construction will vary depending on the state, but it is extremely important to use high-quality, strong building materials to ensure that it is a safe investment.

6 Add labor

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All construction requires labor, which can vary in price according to the city or area in which it will be carried out; Contemplating labor in the budget will be one of the most important steps to take.

Labor costs can be paid in different ways; For example, some builders charge by the square foot, others by the hour and some more by percentage of the total budget of the house. Generally speaking, this price is between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000.

7 How to calculate the total cost

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According to construction experts, the cost of building a new home is typically no less than $ 200 per square foot; however, this price may be higher or lower, depending on each case.

On the other hand, the total cost also includes the technological devices that will be included in the house, the built-in furniture, the luxury materials, such as marble and the amount of green areas, among other things.

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