Doctor wrongly prescribed sex change treatments to patients

A doctor who ran an unlicensed sex change clinic incorrectly prescribed sex change treatments to seven patients, including one who was only nine years old and a teenager who later took his own life.

Dr. Michael Webberley’s “apparent intent” was to “prescribe according to the wishes of the patient,” even when they were young children. Through its Gender GP online clinicwhich he ran with his wife, ordered puberty blockers and cross-hormones without considering the risks.

The Practicing Physicians Tribunal Service (MPTS) panel heard that one of his patients was a nine-year-old boy, known as Patient V, who was born a biological girl but identified as a boy.

Dr Webberley diagnosed with gender dysphoria based on a questionnaire that was “inappropriate for the evaluation of a minor.” According to the court, she also failed to conduct a proper mental or physical examination. The patient was prescribed unlicensed puberty blockers and without considering alternatives or a risk assessment.

The doctor is accused of 89 counts The doctor and his wife had an online clinic

The panel also learned of another disturbing case of a 17-year-old patient, known as Patient W, who was transitioning from female to male. Disappointed with the long list of treatments on the NHS, he contacted Dr Webberley in June 2018. In an email he said they wanted to transition as soon as possible as it would have a “hugely positive impact” on his mental health. .

“I’ve been waiting so long to take hormones and it means a lot to me. I’m so happy it’s finally happening.”

Dr. Webberley diagnosed patient W as disphoric of gender without obtaining your medical records from your GP. Had he done so, he would have discovered that Patient W had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and had long-standing, “complex” mental health problems.

the doctor also prescribed testosterone when not clinically indicated, and without establishing whether the risks were less than the risks to the mental and physical health of the patient. The court was told that patient W took his own life only three months later.

Alarms were raised about the doctor’s practice after his wife, Dr. Helen Webberley, was first suspended and went through her own misconduct hearing.

The doctor and his wife had an online clinic

Her husband was found guilty on several counts. after allegations that he “failed to provide” good clinical care to seven patients between February 2017 and June 2019.

With all of them, it was convicted of providing or allowing treatment that was “not clinically indicated”or had been prescribed without proper testing.

MPTS rules that he acted “outside the limits of his expertise” as a consultant gastroenterologist and without the necessary qualifications and training in general medicine, transgender medicine, or pediatrics.

Dr. Webberley, who faced 89 charges in total, did not attend the hearing because he is currently in the hospital recovering from an operation. After the verdict, his wife wrote in a statement on Twitter: “My heart and soul go out to my husband.

While he was in the hospital having a major operation, he was sent the damning list of proven accusations that the GMC [Consejo Médico General] has found against him.

“He hasn’t been able to tell his side of the story and couldn’t be represented or asked by experts who really understand the needs of trans people.”

The court will now decide whether Dr. Webberley’s fitness to practice has been affected and, if so, what penalties he will face for wrongly prescribing sex change treatments to patients.

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