Does Andrea Legarreta plan to leave “Hoy”? This is what he answers

Andrea Legarreta She has established herself as one of the most beloved drivers by viewers and the other drivers of the “Hoy” program. So it is not thought that she could leave the famous morning of Televisa.

Although in a recent interview with the driver, she confessed something shocking, as she affirms that she could think about leaving the morning show and start a new project if the opportunity arose. This is what she said:

“Today I am here in the program, suddenly I can be somewhere else. I see myself capable of being somewhere else, of shining, contributing, learning”.

Andrea Legarreta affirms that she is very grateful to “Hoy”

Andrea Legarreta talks about leaving “Hoy”. Andrea Legarreta with his two daughters.

On the other hand, Andrea Legarreta She said that she would be very grateful to “Hoy” for giving her the opportunity to be part of the morning show all these years. Since despite the various changes that have occurred in the program, she has always left her a special place.

Yes, I see myself in another place without a doubt, today I am very grateful that, in addition, this program has been part of my life and that they still consider me to be there, because it is an honor for me, it is a luxury and I have to be grateful and value itAndrea stated.

As additional information, Andrea Legarreta He also confessed that he would consider changing jobs as long as a proposal that is not for a morning paper arrives.

Likewise, he adds that if he has decided to work on several projects with Erik Rubin for theater or streaming platforms. We will tell you more about the driver in AmericanPost.News.

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What are the names of Andrea Legarreta’s daughters?

Andrea Legarreta with her two daughters.

The famous Andrea Legarreta is the wife of Erik Rubin, musician and still a member of Timbiriche. Also, the couple had two daughters so far in their marriage named Mia and Nina Rubín.

The driver loves her family very much and recently, Legarreta’s family was seen taking an incredible vacation abroad for which she was out of “Hoy” for a few days.

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