Does Carlos Vela despise his past in Chivas? This is how he expressed himself about the rojiblancos

The first team he entered Carlos candle It was in the basic forces of the Chivasand for this reason, he was recently asked whether or not he feels part of that famous club of soccer from Mexicohere we will tell you his answer!

On AmericanPost.News We reveal that the footballer has two nationalities, Mexican and Spanish, and his nickname is ‘Bombardier’.

Previously we told you that there could be a new Carlos; however, now we will tell you how he feels about Club Deportivo Guadalajara.

Isn’t Carlos Vela proud of Chivas?

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The Mexican player made it clear since September 2010 what he feels for having started his career with the Sacred Flock and he was not very affectionate, as he limited himself to saying the following words:

“I appreciate my training in football, but that’s it.”

At that time he returned to the Stadium of this team to defend the Mexican National Team of Ecuador, and at that moment the fans booed him, before this he added:

“Obviously I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to make myself known there, but, if you ask me, I don’t feel cool, I’ve never felt cool.

And he highlighted:

“(The boos) are not something that affects me, maybe because I was only here for two years and I didn’t end up being a goat.”

It is worth mentioning that the footballer left this team in November 2005 when he was just 16 years old, and apparently he has never felt comfortable with this club, since in 2018 he commented that he prefers to see a LeBron game to see one of the Sacred Flock, because he said:

“…if a game coincides and I have nothing to do I watch it, but if there is a LeBron and Chivas game at the same time, I watch LeBron, I’m not going to lie.”

How tall is Vela?

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He is 1.77 meters tall and weighs 73 kilos, he is currently 33 years old and plays for Los Angeles FC.

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