Does Evelyn Beltrán respond to Adamari López?: “I know that Toni Costa loves me,” says the Mexican according to Gossip No Like

Gossip No Like presented a series of images in which direct statements by Evelyn Beltrán can be readresponding to a fan who told her about the series of phrases that Adamari Lopez has been releasing on social networks, all under the voice of Karol G and performed by the presenter of Hoy Día.

Adamari López’s message to which Beltrán reacted says: “That was already mine and it will be mine again if I feel like it.”

Toni Costa’s current partner assured that the Spaniard loves her and was very sure of her answer. She stressed that Adamari should let go, let go and move on. He also made it clear that they have no problem with the Puerto Rican continuing to make people believe what she wants. There are those who say that Ada separated from Toni loving him and that everything was over because he had allegedly been unfaithful to her with the Mexican model.

In the last hours this message has been forgotten, because Costa’s ex just another scathing video on Instagram and is giving a lot to talk about. In the most recent one, she asserted: “Papasito, she had to replace me because you couldn’t forget me.”

The fans have a lot to say about this and everything in favor of Adamari López. No one has been able to forget, yet, that Toni Costa spent a large part of the La Casa de los Famosos reality show talking about Adamari and her past together. He talked about how they met, the first time he saw her. He told about the surprises he made for her and how he asked her to marry him. He even explained that their relationship was cooling down because of how Ada has given herself over to motherhood and is that since Alaïa was born, it seems that the minor went from sleeping in her bassinet, to sharing the bed with them, a fact that caused them to lose intimacy as a couple and end up moving away.

The hosts of La Mesa Caliente, including Myrka Dellanos, They have been supporting this argument that Toni is still in love with Adamari. And there was a time when they even got tired of the dancer’s statements, as they stated that all this could be a strategy on his part, to stay afloat in a competition in which he seemed to have no greater advantage. . On several occasions, some celebrities mockingly said that the only thing Toni did at home was cry and talk about Adamari.

Here we share the video about the Gossip No Like note in which Evelyn Beltrán reacts to the messages or hints from Adamari López:

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