Does Harry Styles have a song linked to Taylor Swift? This the singer said

Harry Styles released his third studio album on May 20 “Harry’s House”; As part of the promotion of the new album, the British singer attended an interview on The Howard Stern Show, where he addressed the rumors that one of his new songs was linked to his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

And it is that in social networks many fans noticed that both artists had a song called “Daylight”. This musical theme is part of Swift’s “Lover” album that premiered in 2019. And the same title is present in the tracklist of the most recent Styles album. But in reality, there is no connection between these melodies.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.NewsHarry Styles and Taylor Swift had a brief courtship between 2012 and 2013. However, things did not go well between them, since the British ended up with the American, for which she wrote several songs for him on his album “1989” from 2014.

Harry Styles clarifies the controversy of his song “Daylight”

Host Howard Stern brought up the online fan theory that “Daylight” could somehow tie into Taylor’s song of the same name, but Harry teased this by saying, “Here we go.”

When asked by the host if the song was really about Swift, Harry immediately dismissed the idea: “You’re reading too much.”answered. “You know I’d love to tell you that you’re right, but I can’t. I’m not sorry”.

Howard commented, “I wonder who this woman was,” to which Harry wisely replied, “We’ll always wonder.” It should be noted that after several years apart, Taylor Swfit and Harry Styles met again in March 2021, during the delivery of the Grammy awards. The two chatted and laughed during the event, so there may not be any bad blood.

Which Taylor Swift songs are for Harry Styles?

Taylor dedicated several songs to her ex-boyfriend/Photo: E! On-line

The songs that Swift composed with a dedication to the former One Direction when they ended their romance were: “Out of the Woods” and “Style”, although some fans believe that the songs “ThisLove” and “Clean” from “1989” are also for Harry Styles, as is the theme “I Knew You Were Trouble”which is part of the album “Red”.

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