Does Paty Cantú get confused and put on her dress backwards?

Paty Cantu gave what to talk about in social networks after being caught with dress that showed her worked figure, but beyond her beauty, what most caught the attention of users was the garment that the singer wore.

It was through her Instagram account where the artist shared a series of photographs in which she passed with cute sky blue dress that is tied in the front and has a cinched in the middle part.

The images of the interpreter caused a furor in social networks because some Internet users noticed some errors in the garment of the singer, she was even compared to Angelique Boyer for wearing a dress backwards.

Did Paty Cantú wear the dress backwards?

This was the dress that the singer wore. Christian Vázquez is the boyfriend of the singer.

The interpreter of ‘Por besarte’ accompanied the dress with shoes full of glitter and stiletto heels. And it is that, although the artist looked the most spectacular, what most caught the attention of the users was the design of the garment.

The theme of the singer’s outfit caused controversy among Internet users since while some highlighted how good Paty looked, others stated that the dress “it’s upside down”, Well, they affirmed that if it is observed in detail, the garment was placed asymmetrically on the opposite side.

It should be noted that so far, the singer and coach of La Voz Kid México 2022 has not issued any opinion on the matter, but if we are sure of something, it is that with said garment the artist looked the most spectacular.

What is the name of Paty Cantú’s boyfriend?

Christian Vázquez is the boyfriend of the singer.

Last June, Paty Cantú taught her new boyfriend, Christian Vazquez, former partner of Aislinn Derbez. It was through her official Instagram account that the singer of “Suerte” shared a couple of images in which she was very happy with the new heartthrob. Do you consider that Paty put her dress on backwards? AmericanPost.News wants to know your opinion, leave us your comments.

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