Does Riqui Puig’s arrival at the LA Galaxy put Chicharito’s hierarchy at risk?

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The arrival of Riqui Puig to the LA Galaxy was finalizedAfter offers from Portuguese football, the 22-year-old opted for the MLS. The chosen team, which was interested in the talent of FC Barcelona, ​​announced the arrival of the Spaniard and incorporated him as another franchise player of the entity.

Before the arrival of Puig the question arises: How will Chicharito look before the arrival of the Spanish footballer? Many predict a good society on the field but given the Mexican’s current lack of goals, it can be thought that the figure of the culé youth squad will displace the Mexican.

Chicharito News

Javier Chicharito Hernández has not scored a goal since the fourth of July and he has also been involved in controversies away from the field. If continuity in the LA Galaxy is in danger since one of the conditions for his renewal is to get at least 12 goals per season and he has five.

Currently the team is out of playoff positions, so they must work hard to qualify for those instances and thus justify the good payroll of the Los Angeles team.

Arrival of Riqui Puig at La Galaxy

Riqui Puig arrives at the LA Galaxy from FC Barcelona, ​​after not counting for Xavi Hernández and to be previously considered one of the greatest jewels of La Masía. Surprisingly, the young footballer arrives in the MLS at 22 years old.

But the player, far from taking it as a failure, sees it as an opportunity and hopes to get the best of himself to return to Barcelona. In principle, a great partnership with Chicharito is expected, but some experts predict that it may be the end of Hernández’s hierarchy in his club.

The signing of Puig has generated some controversy such as the discussion between David Faitelson and Rafael Ramos on Twitter, one celebrating the arrival of Puig and the other questioning his talent.

But we will have to wait and see what will be the results of the arrival of Puig, who joins Chicharito and the Brazilian Douglas Costa as high-ranking footballers in the ranks of the LA Galaxy.

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