Does Vladimir Putin have blood cancer? This would have been revealed by a Russian oligarch

For some time, the good health of Vladimir Putin has been questioned.


President Vladimir Putin would be “very sick with blood cancer”, according to a confession made by a Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin to a Western colleague.

Magazine New Lines would have secretly obtained the recording in which the billionaire is heard expressing his contempt for the invasion of Ukraine by the “crazy” Russian president

In the audio, which would have been recorded in mid-Marchthe oligarch, whose name has not been released for security reasons, is heard saying

“[Putin] it completely ruined the economy of Russia, the economy of Ukraine and many other economies, it completely ruined them. The problem is head. … A madman can turn the world upside down”, the oligarch is heard saying according to the magazine.

The data given by the media would indicate that the man in the recording was among the 200 richest people in Russia and that he currently resides outside the country.

A former European security chief would have told himor to the magazine that the oligarch was part of a “close circle of 20 or 30 peoples” with whom the Russian president met in preparation for his illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in 2014.

According to the outlet, the oligarch questions his colleague, for much of the 11-minute conversation, about how to protect his sins in Europe from Western sanctions, but also criticized Putin for the false pretext of trying to rid Ukraine. of “Nazis and fascists”, adding that “we all hope” that he dies of cancer or an internal blow.

“Is incredible. So that? Killed more people than in 10 years in the Afghan war [soviética]”, he would have expressed.

It has transpired that the secret service of Russia circulated a memorandum to the regional heads ordering them to ignore rumors about the president’s health.

So far noor there is verified information about Putin’s state of healthHowever, further rumors have surfaced after several images of the Russian leader were seen looking frail and unusually puffy around the face.

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