Does Yeri MUA refuse to participate in La Casa de Los Famosos?

In her last live broadcast, Yeri MUA said that she refused to be part of a famous US reality show, but what surprised everyone was the reason. It turns out that the blogger said no to the famous program and everything else to dedicate herself to her project of being the queen of the Veracruz Carnival.

However, she confessed that at certain times she has regretted having refused to be on the aforementioned reality show, since it could have given her fame in the media, but she understood that the reality show’s fame was only in the US, and Yeri never revealed its name.

Reactions to rejecting the reality show

Comments about Yeri MUA.

Although she never mentioned the exact name of the reality show, some of the comments were:

  • “Baby something better will come”
  • “I’m glad you take your boyfriend into consideration”
  • “Opportunities like these don’t come twice in a lifetime”
  • “I think you could not be in a reality show, because of your insecurities, work a lot on it before something like that.”
  • “The hate is in networks, because live people love you, there are a lot of people who have gone to the presentations”
  • “The critics were going to destroy you”

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Yeri MUA rejects reality show and 5 million pesos

She said no to US reality show.

And if it weren’t enough that the blogger confessed the project that she has rejected, she said they were going to offer her 5 million pesos (approximately $ 250,000 USD). In that moment, she said that the contract indicated that she would be recorded 24 hours a day and would share a bathroom even with men, and although she said she did not mind getting naked, she said that the problem was not having access to her cell phone.

Yeri MUA, a beauty influencer, said that she was terrified that people would hate her so she decided to say no, but she confessed that if the producers gave her a second chance, after fulfilling her commitments as carnival queen, she would then say “Yes”.

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