Dog seriously injured by fireworks is rescued in Edomex

After sustaining multiple injuries, after being a victim of the Fireworks at Mexico state, a puppy managed to be rescued for his fortune. The Directorate of Ecology and Environment revealed that it was a Creole breed dog, brown in color, not more than one year old.

As a result of the fireworks explosion, he had serious injuries to his muzzle, which was bloody and with what looked like flaps of meat; likewise, he had already lost one eye and the second was wild and hanging from his face.

The dog was rescued by elements of the Ecatepec Canine and Feline Attention Center (CACyFE) After being found with a muzzle and part of his face severely injured by fireworks.

They put pyrotechnics in the dog’s muzzle

Puppy seriously injured by fireworks is rescued in Edomex.

It should be mentioned that, on the afternoon of Friday, December 24, residents of Bosques de las Flores street, of the aforementioned community, requested support from elements of the Ecatepec Municipal Police, since they denounced that a dog was on the sidewalk seriously injured, after they heard a detonation.

Apparently, someone placed an explosive device in the canine’s snout, causing severe injuries.

Agents from quadrant 26 arrived at the site, who after corroborating the complaint notified the staff of the Environment and Ecology Directorate and veterinarians of the Ecatepec Canine and Feline Attention Center, who immediately treated the affected puppy.

CACyFE carried out rescue work on the dog

Puppy seriously injured by fireworks is rescued in Edomex.

After the application of an anesthetic to the site, the animal was picked up by elements of the CACyFE and immediately transferred to its facilities, located in the Adolfo Ruiz Cortines colony. At the Center, veterinarians received him and began his medical care; however, they explained that the puppy’s injuries are serious.

Acoyani Baroco Bonilla, Director of Ecology and Environment, notified that animal abuse is classified as a crime, which is paid with up to two years in jail in the State of Mexico, for which he attended the Public Ministry of head to present the complaint against who is responsible.

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