“Dollar Tree” fans thunder against network’s decision to raise the price of items to $1.25

File photo of a Dollar Tree store in Chicago, Illinois – Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

“Dollar Tree” fans are not happy with the decision of the store to increase the cost of most items to $1.25, after keeping them, for 35 years, at $1.

On social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, customers of the chain thundered against the increase in prices and some have even suggested changing the name of the store to “$1.25 Tree”.

“I wish they hadn’t done this because a lot of their customers are people who don’t get paid a lot of money,” said Pawtucket, Rhode Island, beauty influencer Leniza Costa, who regularly shop at Dollar Tree.

“This is the worst time to increase the price, when everything else costs so much,” Costa considered, as quoted by CBS Boston.

Dollar Tree adjusted the products priced at $1.25 at more than 2,000 stores last December. The company has approximately 8,700 locations in the United States.

Coresight reported that the drop in consumers recently could respond to the increase in prices.

However, it will not be until the company reports quarterly results in the coming weeks that it will be known for sure if the change has affected the chain’s income and alienated customers.

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