Dolores del Río fell in love with this swimsuit in Hollywood

Dolores del Rio She was one of the most iconic Mexican actresses of the Golden Age, as she was a woman with a lot of talent and poise who managed to hypnotize the big screen with films like ‘Las Abandonadas’ or ‘Bugambilia’, two films that were two of her works most remembered and that made her the winner of an Ariel award.

In addition to her career, she always stood out for her physique, because in the 1930s it was not common for women to undergo plastic surgery, so her body was totally natural and every time she had free time, she went to the pool with a swimsuit that highlighted her tiny waist.

Despite all the attributes she had, she is the Mexican diva who could not beat María Félix, another beloved and iconic Mexican actress who put the name of our country very high.

Dolores del Río and her iconic swimsuit

The actress succeeded even in Hollywood She died in the 70’s

A photograph circulates through social networks that several fans of her have made viral, as she appears posing standing up and wearing a one-piece swimsuit that reveals her tiny waist and high hips, in addition to her legs that many men fell in love with.

He also appears with his hair tied up with a parting in the middle, since that was fashion at that time, where he shone everything he wanted next to stars of his stature, such as Indio Fernández and Flor Silvestre.

“The first time I see this image of him.”

She was always cataloged as a very elegant woman, even during her last years of life, since she wore discreet outfits and high or collected hairstyles and always with her expensive jewelry.

The life and end of Dolores was known throughout Mexico as she was one of the most iconic artists that the country has given.

How old was Dolores del Río when she died?

He died in the 70’s

The actress was 78 years old on the day of her death, and her departure paralyzed all the inhabitants, because she, like María Félix, conquered Hollywood.

Much has been said about the rivalry between María Félix and Dolores del Río, as they claim that the divas did not get along despite sharing the screen for a long time.

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