Dolphin watching in Chetumal Bay; Handsome!

Through a video posted on the profile of Rodolfo Romero on Facebook, the wonders of nature offered by this planet earth were unveiled, since in addition to showing the beautiful waters in the Chetumal Bay, capital of Quintana Roo, showed that they were accompanying him on his navigation for at least three dolphins, the same ones that did not want to take off from their boat.

“We are sailing in the morning and some dolphins are accompanying us, they want to play with us, they are very beautiful animals, this and more is what we can see in our Bay of Chetumal, we must appreciate it, we must enjoy it for ourselves and for the world, “said the man while recording.

It is not the first time that dolphins have been seen in the area

Dolphin watching in Chetumal Bay; Handsome!

The published images clearly show how one of the odontocete family of cetaceans first appears near the boat in which Rodolfo was riding, then two more appear in the distance, at a distance of approximately 20 meters, from there the specimens followed the man during a few more minutes.

Remember that this is not the first time that tourists and even locals and residents have been seen in that area on other occasions. Othón P. Blanco They have recorded and taken photos of these specimens, so every time they see them they ask not to touch them, or feed them, much less disturb them to take the photo, to avoid invading their habitat.

Also tourists have found crocodiles swimming in the area and the most famous is called “Larry” who was seen in July 2021 and in October of the same year, which is already more common that said semi-aquatic reptile has been seen in the area, than Similarly, this began when the entire population was in quarantine.

Finally, in the vast majority of the municipalities of Quintana Roo various animals were seen, not only on the beaches or seas, but also the streets and this was due to the aforementioned, to the quarantine, when everything almost closed and the avenues they were ghosts, as there were no people or cars circulating. Which means that humans invade their habitats.

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