Dominican rapper DaniLeigh faces two charges of assault by her boyfriend DaBaby

DaniLeigh attends the 2019 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

A new case of aggression and physical violence came to light on the American scene. Those involved were the Dominican-American rapper DaniLeigh and American songwriter DaBaby, who starred in an aggravated dispute that did not take long to go viral on social networks last Monday.

According to the video published by the @AllDefMusic account on Twitter, it is possible to hear the voice of DaBaby, real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, filming DaniLeigh while she was lying in her bed feeding their little daughter, just three months old. The baby was born in August of this year.

Likewise, the video becomes a bit tense because the Dominican singer born in Miami observes DaBaby in a bad way because she did not stop recording her with her cell phone. You can hear in the background how the American rapper tells DaniLeigh “I do this for my safety“, A phrase that the rapper did not like at all and started insulting him with indecent words.

Following that and still with high tension between them, DaniLeigh, whose first name is Danielle Leigh Curiel, tries to block the recording of DaBaby with his hand to stop the video for once. “Whatever Bi ** h“, Was the message that DaniLeigh told her partner because he did not stop recording her.

According to the TMZ portal, both DaniLeigh and DaBaby had a fight minutes after the altercation occurred. Subsequently, the same website also indicated that Jonathan Lyndale Kirk called the police, saying he was assaulted by DaniLeigh and told them to take the necessary measures for her to leave peacefully the apartment that both artists share, which is located in North Carolina.

It should be noted that this would be the second time DaniLeigh and DaBaby have a fight by way of insults and also by physical aggression. As published by the Rolling Stone medium, DaBaby added that on November 14 he was attacked by DaniLeigh.

After the situation had calmed down a bit hours later, DaBaby made an Instagram Live where he commented the following: “I don’t want no charges brought or anything, I just want it peacefully droppedHe added.

For his part, DaniLeigh expressed that DaBaby is a “coward” and hinted that he had been upset previously because she wanted to take a contraceptive in order to avoid another pregnancy. “This man is crazy because they sent me a Plan B to his condo. Cause all he wants to do is fuck me. Without responsibility ”, he commented.

Due to the altercation, DaniLeigh now faces two counts of simple battery for the incidents on Sunday and Monday.