Doña Cuquita unveils Vicente Fernández’s first posthumous album with 20 songs at Rancho Los 3 Potrillos

Doña Cuquita announces Vicente Fernández's first posthumous album, featuring 20 iconic hits from renowned Mexican composers.

In two years, December will mark the anniversary of the passing of Vicente Fernández, the revered Mexican icon. As tributes continue to pour in, this week brought a particularly poignant homage.

At the Rancho Los 3 Potrillos, Doña Cuquita Abarca, Fernández’s widow, announced the forthcoming release of his first posthumous album. The compilation comprises 20 iconic hits from the most distinguished composers in Mexican music history, including José Alfredo Jiménez, Martín Urrieta, Juan Gabriel, and Armando Manzanero. These are songs the legendary singer had never performed before but managed to record prior to his demise. Among the tracks featured are “La media vuelta”, “Tú, sólo tú”, and “A la orilla de un palmar”.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Doña Cuquita shared her feelings about the project: “I am deeply touched and honored to pay tribute to Vicente in this way. I want his people to remember him, to continue listening. There’s a wealth of music he left behind that will be released gradually. I hope you all continue to speak of him.”

His son, Fernández Jr., further emphasized the album’s significance: “These 20 songs, penned by great composers, are cherished memories. Now, they will reach the public as my father’s legacy. He often said, ‘I will die only when my music is no longer heard’.”

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Vicente Fernandez and Mrs. Cuquita. (Instagram/_vicentefdez)
Vicente Fernandez and Mrs. Cuquita. (Instagram/_vicentefdez)

When asked about potential disputes over Fernández’s estate, Cuquita was quick to dispel any rumors. She stated with a hint of laughter, “Everything was settled by him, and we have no issues here. There are no disputes. I respect his wishes as they were set, even though technically, everything now belongs to me.”

What is the legacy of Vicente Fernández?

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth’, as of 2022, Fernández’s net worth stood at a staggering 25 million dollars. His ventures extended well beyond music, encompassing businesses and real estate acquisitions.

Vicente Fernández and his three Foals. (Instagram/_vicentefdz)
Vicente Fernández and his three Foals. (Instagram/_vicentefdz)

On a more personal note, reflecting on the family’s journey since Fernández’s passing, his widow reminisced, “His presence is still palpable here on the ranch. I listen to his music every day. Each night, I play his songs, and throughout the day, his melodies resonate from his grave. By 5 in the evening, the time I go to pray, the music stops, and we recite the rosary.”