Donald Trump criticized Megan Rapinoe for winning bronze at Tokyo 2020: “She played terribly”

The story between Donald trump Y Megan rapinoe It has several direct and indirect chapters. Now that his time as president of the United States has ended, the intensity has decreased, but in the middle of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the controversy reignited.

The United States did not win gold this time in women’s soccer, they fell in the semifinals and later claimed the bronze medal. In that last duel they beat the Australians 4-3 with a double from Rapinoe, including from the corner kick or Olympic goal.

The former president criticized the American athletes who did not stand up to listen to the national anthem, calling them “woke” and those who did stand up he called “patriots.” His critical words go against those who kneel or make other peaceful protests about the system and racial injustice.

“Everything that is ‘woke’ is going wrong and our soccer team has certainly gone wrong,” says the statement Trump sent. Rapinoe refused to visit the White House in 2019 to provoke Trump’s upset. Now the former president said that “a radical group of manic leftists” lead the women’s soccer team.

“The purple-haired woman (Megan Rapinoe) played terribly. He spends a lot of time thinking about radical leftist politics instead of doing his job well, ”Trump closed.

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