Donald Trump did not attend 9/11 ceremonies, decided to attack Biden on his visit to NY

Donald Trump did not attend 9/11 ceremonies, decided to attack Biden on his visit to NY

Former President Donald Trump.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

The ex-president Donald trump was notably absent on Saturday from the formal ceremonies marking the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001Instead, he visited a police precinct several blocks southeast of Trump Tower in New York.

In a video of Trump sent by Trump’s PAC Save America, the former president began by saying that Saturday was a “very sad” day and that September 11 “represents a great pain for our country.” Trump praised the 9/11 first responders on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attackss in a video posted Saturday, before quickly pointing to Joe biden, criticizing the handling of the US exit from the war in Afghanistan.

In your statement, Trump He dedicated more sentences to criticizing the strategy of his successor in Afghanistan than to remembering the victims and saluting the role of police, firefighters and rescuers in those days.

“It is also a sad moment because of the way the war against those who did so much damage to our country ended,” he said in reference to the Taliban, not to mention that it was his government that signed a peace agreement with the Taliban in Qatar. in February 2020.

Trump He recalled that “thirteen great American warriors” along with many other victims died last week in an attack in Kabul, and also regretted that “85,000 million of the best and most sophisticated military equipment has been taken from us without firing a single bullet”, in reference to to all ammunition and supplies left behind by US troops leaving Afghanistan.

“The leader of our country appeared stupid, and that should never happen. (What happened) was a consequence of poor planning, incredible weakness, and leaders who never understood what was going on. This is the twentieth anniversary of a war and it should have been a year of victory, honor and strength, but instead Biden and his inept administration surrendered in defeat, “he added.

The former president did not attend a memorial service at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan along with the president. Joe biden and the former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, nor was he present when the former president George W. Bush made statements in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Instead, Trump will offer live commentary during a pay-per-view heavyweight boxing match on Saturday night in Hollywood, Florida, alongside his son, Donald Trump Jr.

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