Donald Trump Predicts the Total Destruction of Mexico in a Potential Third World War

Trump provides insights into his views on international diplomacy, U.S. politics, and the consequences for Mexico in a global conflict scenario.

In a candid interview with Enrique Acevedo on NMás, Televisa-Univision channel, former U.S. President Donald Trump expressed grave concerns about the potential of a Third World War, citing the immense power of nuclear weapons.

Trump specifically highlighted the vulnerability of Mexico in such a scenario, stating, “You could end up in World War III and if it happens…. Mexico will probably no longer exist because the power of nuclear weapons is so great. If they attack us they will probably annihilate you too. That’s how bad it is.”

Critique of Biden’s Administration and Claim of Past Success

Trump criticized the current U.S. administration under President Joe Biden, labeling it as incompetent. He asserted that many of the current global conflicts, including those in Israel-Palestine and Russia-Ukraine, would not have occurred under his presidency. Furthermore, he suggested that issues like inflation, now a widespread problem, would have been better managed under his leadership.

The former president also spoke about the United States’ global influence and identified nuclear weapons in the hands of “madmen” as the primary threat to countries like Mexico and the United States, dismissing climate change as a lesser concern.

Trump’s Views on International Relations During His Tenure

Reflecting on his term, Trump claimed, “When I ruled the world was afraid of me and they were at peace, today everything is exploding.” He attributed current global unrest to Biden’s incompetence. Trump recalled a statement from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, suggesting that Biden should resign, noting that during Trump’s presidency, nations like Russia and China were intimidated, contributing to global peace.

Additionally, Trump highlighted his commitment to non-aggression, contrasting himself with his 2016 opponent, Hilary Clinton, and claiming he kept his promise not to start wars.

Trump on Terrorism and U.S.-Mexico Border Security

Trump expressed concerns about terrorists entering the U.S. through Mexico, blaming Biden’s policies for this issue, a problem he claims did not exist during his administration. He also discussed the border wall, clarifying his previous statements about Mexico funding it, arguing that it benefits both countries by controlling migration.

He criticized Biden’s administration for its handling of border security and praised his own administration’s efforts, including the deployment of Mexican military personnel to curb migration.

Trade and Diplomatic Relations with Mexico

Speaking on the Mexico, United States, Canada Treaty (T-MEC), Trump emphasized its benefits for all three countries, particularly for Mexico, by redirecting business from other nations. He expressed belief in his popularity among Mexicans, citing his contributions to Mexico’s welfare: “I think I have done a lot to help Mexico”.

Finally, Trump touched upon his potential future relations with Mexico’s leadership, noting his expectation of a positive relationship with Claudia Sheinbaum, should she become president, and acknowledging his closeness to current President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).