Burro Van Rankin says goodbye to his ex-girlfriend Amparo Serrano

After the death of Amparo Serrano, creator of the Distroller brand and former member of Flans, her loved ones have said goodbye to her. Among these, her two daughters stand out. However, one of her former partners also dedicated an emotional farewell message to her.

This is the famous actor and television host Burro Van Rankin who had a relationship with Amparo Serrano or as she was also known in the past, “Amparín.”

And although they separated and she married David West and already lived in the United States, the driver was visibly affected by the news since he had a special affection for her. That is why we tell you what is the message that he sent to give her the sad goodbye.

This is the emotional message from Burro Van Rankin to Amparín Serrano

Burro Van Rankin shared a post in honor of Amparo Serrano.

Burro Van Rankin Donkey dedicated the following message to his ex-partner who died at the age of 57: “A few minutes ago I received a very sad news that hurts my soul, my dearest and most charming wife, successful, great mother, great grandmother, great sister, great daughter, left, it is an irreparable loss, her departure hurts a lot!”.

But that was not all. He also thought of the other relatives of Amparo Serrano because he sent them a message for a prompt resignation: “a supportive hug to Julio, Manuel, Mini, Camila, to his beautiful granddaughter, to another great woman, my dear Amparo Espinoza Rugarcia.”

How old is Burro Van Rankin?

Burro Van Rankin in Hoy.

The famous Burro Van Rankin is 59 years old and was born in June 1963 since 2013 he has been a host on the morning show Hoy and is now married to Magda Bleizeffer, who is 20 years younger than the host.

Another fact about the driver’s life is that he recently revealed that one of his ex-girlfriends betrayed him with his best friend.