Dora “Doris” Beckmann Legorreta of the Jose Cuervo family passes away at 51

Dora Beckmann Legorreta, Jose Cuervo heir, dies at 51, leaving a philanthropic mark and a jewelry business legacy.

Dora “Doris” Beckmann Legorreta, the youngest daughter of Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal, the 83-year-old patriarch of the Jose Cuervo tequila empire, passed away last Tuesday night at 51. Known affectionately as Doris, she was born in June 1972 and carved out a legacy of her own in business and philanthropy.

Doris Beckmann’s educational journey was both diverse and global. She pursued a degree in business administration from Universidad Anáhuac. Her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; she furthered her education while living in New York and Switzerland.

Beyond her family’s famed tequila business, where she played a significant role in administration and contributed to several tequila lines, Doris founded her jewelry brand, Dora B.

Doris era hija de Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal, dueño de José Cuervo.  (Foto: Facebook@Tomás de la Rosa)
Doris was the daughter of Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal, owner of José Cuervo (Photo: Facebook@Tomás de la Rosa).

But it wasn’t just business that defined Doris. Her heart and efforts were deeply embedded in philanthropy. She was renowned in the business community for her philanthropic endeavors. Particularly, she championed the cause of women who faced violence, offering support and extending her resources. Her consistent support for various foundations further showcased her commitment to making a difference.

The Beckmann family’s business acumen is well-recognized in Mexico and globally. Juan Domingo Beckmann, Doris’ brother, holds a notable 8th position among the richest individuals in Mexico, boasting a fortune of USD 4.5 billion, as reported by Forbes. Additionally, Karen Virginia Beckmann Legorreta, another sibling of Doris, is also among the top echelons of wealth in the country, ranking 15th with a net worth of USD 3.2 billion.

In the wake of Doris’ passing, it’s clear that her impact and legacy, both in business and philanthropy, will remain indelible.