Dozens of chickens die in India due to wedding music

A farmer lost 63 chickens to noise stress.

Photo: Павел Гавриков / Pexels

It is well known that some animals are more sensitive to certain sounds, as is the case of dogs, which cannot stand loud noises such as pyrotechnics, And even, these can cause various problems that could lead to death.

Something similar happens to chickens with dogs with certain sounds; Nevertheless, what happened on a farm in India it goes beyond imagination.

According to international media, an Indian farmer identified as Ranjit Kumar-Parida, He denounced to the authorities of his locality that several of his chickens had been killed by music and fireworks from a wedding held near his property.

According to Kumar-Parida, at the wedding music was being played at full volume, in addition to burning several fireworks, which greatly stressed their birds. The farmer claims to have gone to the party organizer to ask him to lower the volume of the music a bit, but his request was ignored.

Hours later, Ranjit discovered that 63 of his chickens had died, apparently derived from the stress that generated so much noise.

After what happened, the Odisha police began an investigation into this event to refer legal responsibilities to those in charge of the wedding music, as well as to the bride and groom for the death of the animals.

Finally, the farmer withdrew the lawsuit after reaching an economic settlement with the newlyweds for the damages caused.

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