Dr. Bárbara Lango and her husband released from Hamas detention with aid from Mexican embassy

The Mexican embassy's negotiations culminate in the safe departure of Dr. Lango and her partner from the war-afflicted Gaza Strip.

Dr. Bárbara Lango, a Mexican physician who found herself amidst the tumultuous conflict in the Gaza Strip, has been safely released after being reported as detained by the Islamist movement Hamas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed her departure from the conflict zone, where she provided medical assistance.

The safe return of Dr. Lango and her husband was facilitated by the concerted efforts of Mexican diplomats, particularly with the assistance of the Mexican embassy in Egypt. Alicia Bárcena, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed her gratitude towards those involved in securing the couple’s release through a message on Twitter:

“Great joy! Barbara Lango and her husband Suleiman have left Gaza. Thanks to all those who made their departure possible.”

Despite this success, reports suggest that two other Mexican nationals remain within the territories affected by the ongoing conflict, which erupted on October 7.

Alicia Bárcena announced the return of Dr. Bárbara Lango. Photo: Twitter
Alicia Bárcena announced the return of Dr. Bárbara Lango. Photo: Twitter

Who is Dr. Bárbara Lango?

Dr. Lango has been a dedicated member of the international health organization Doctors Without Borders. The NGO has been vocal in urging a cessation of hostilities, especially due to the dire situation in Gaza’s hospitals, which are struggling under the overwhelming demand to treat casualties of the conflict.

The plight of Dr. Lango gained attention when it became known she was being held in Gaza, where she has lived for two years and is married to her translator, Suleiman. Porfirio Lango, her father and also a medical doctor, reached out to Mexican authorities for aid in securing his daughter’s release.

Alicia Bárcena had previously indicated that there was ongoing communication with the United Nations Agency responsible for refugees in Palestine to ensure support for Dr. Lango and her partner.

The community following the events has been holding its breath for positive news, and the announcement of her release brings relief to many, especially those advocating for the safety and rights of aid workers in conflict zones.