Dra Polo uncovered! Karina Banda, wife Carlos Ponce exhibits ‘farce’

  • A phony? Dr. Polo is exposed
  • Karina Banda, Carlos Ponce’s wife, was the one who had the Doctor exhibited
  • Case Closed kept many ‘secrets’

An Instagram account called ‘Chico Farándula’ dedicated to the news of the show got a secret from the program ‘Caso Cerrado’ by Dra Polo, and the one involved is neither more nor less than Karina Banda, wife of Carlos Ponce and now new host of the Enamorándonos USA program.


And it is that for years, the Case Closed program enjoyed enormous success on television screens and the host Dra Polo catapulted her fame thanks to her charisma and characteristic way of treating guests who presented her with problems and situations that seemed like a movie. …

Dra Polo and Caso Cerrado are exhibited thanks to Karina Banda, wife of Carlos Ponce

Dra Polo exposed by Case Closed
Instagram: Chico Farándula

A video of a scene from Caso Cerrado leaves the program and its host Dra Polo ‘badly off’, who, although no longer on the air, did plan to make a film or documentary about the popular show, however, the appearance of Karina Banda, Carlos Ponce’s wife and host of Enamorándonos USA, leaves the ‘true’ face of the show in question.

And it is that Caso Cerrado distinguished itself by being a show of different themes in which the panelists talked about all kinds of situations that were sometimes incredible for the public, questioning whether it was all montage or something real … however, the appearance of the Carlos Ponce’s wife would confirm suspicions.

Karina Banda, appeared in Case Closed and does it cast doubt on Dr. Polo’s credibility?

Karina Banda, wife Carlos Ponce

The Instagram account ‘Chico Farándula’ published a clip in which Carlos Ponce’s wife went to Caso Cerrado a few years ago and received tremendous scolding from Dr. Polo, who dismissed her as the worst for apparently being a woman who was worth it. of her beauty and vanity to get what she wants.

In the images, Karina Banda, who is now the host of Enamorándonos USA, has tears to everything she gives and her mascara run while she suffers from what Dr. Polo is telling her, calling her an unscrupulous woman who the only thing that motivates her to live is Her beauty.

Carlos Ponce’s wife leaves Dra Polo, host of Case Closed

Carlos Ponce's wife, Karina Banda exhibits Case Closed

“Do not cry that those tears are crocodile because you are evil, you are typically the woman who is beautiful, but everything that is beautiful is bad, the cells of your body and your soul are rotten”, it is heard saying angry at Dra Polo while Carlos Ponce’s now wife cries inconsolably.

“I’m not evil,” says Karina Banda upon hearing Dra Polo’s anger, but what was she doing there years ago before she was famous? Are you also an actress? Is Case Closed a sham? People had no mercy in comments on the show even though it is no longer on the air.

People exhibit the farce of Caso Cerrado, a program by Dra Polo

Dra Polo exhibited Case Closed

The comments in the video of ‘Chico Farándula’ appeared: “The doctor once said that the cases are acted out but they are real, they are based on cases that come to court and are recreated by the actors”, “Is she Carlos Ponce’s wife? “,” They act, they are never really the cases “,” Karina Banda but there is nothing strange, I have seen many comedic actors in that show “.

“Karina Banda… Univision’s wife of Carlos Ponce”, “Karina Banda I can’t believe it”, “Karina Banda, how great. The only good thing about all this is that she is known to be a good actress”, “The point is that she is supposed to they use unknown actors if the intention of the program is not lost … anyway “,” I can’t believe it, “people said.

Karina Banda, wife of Carlos Ponce crying in Case Closed caused surprise and outrage

Karina Banda cries Wife Carlos Ponce

Dr. Ana María Polo caused a stir in the middle of July 4, when she appeared wet and in a bikini, but that’s not all, she appeared with a mysterious woman … it is her sister Alina Polo, who enjoyed a slide with her . His followers go crazy and ask that his sister also create an account: “I love you together, Ali should also create an account on TikTok.”

According to the ADNCuba portal, for a time the Polo sisters were separated for several years, however, they managed to smooth things over and now they are more united than ever; A clear example that we could see was in the funny video that Dr. Polo shared on her official TikTok account with her sister. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF KARINA BANDA CRYING IN CASE CLOSED OF DRA POLO

The water! In a bikini and with a woman, Dr. Polo celebrates this July 4

The water!  In a bikini and with another woman, who is nothing more and nothing less than her sister Ali, Dr. Polo celebrates this July 4

In the video, shared on the lawyer’s official TikTok account, it is possible to observe how Dr. Polo was on top of an inflatable slide next to a “mysterious” woman, who strongly attracted attention, however It turned out to be his beloved sister Ali, who once holding hands decided to jump down the slide and fall into the water.

In the short clip, and in commemoration of July 4, Dr. appeared with a two-piece bikini, which was designed in the style of the United States flag, while her sister wore another bikini complete with flowers in red and white, both with a hat, which they lost once they fell into the water.

Celebrate the 4th of July in a bikini and next to a woman who is very similar to her

"What envy, I want to too" Dr. Polo celebrates this July 4 in a bikini and next to a woman who is very similar to her

In the TikTok shared on the official account of Dr. Polo, the “mysterious” woman strongly attracted the attention of her followers, who were delighted to see the sisters together enjoying a beautiful afternoon in a bikini, while enjoying the festivities of the July 4, to such a degree that netizens wanted to be there with them:

“Chale, they made me want to be there”, “Doctor inviteeee”, “They are so beautiful, I would like to be there”, “To enjoy life, I love seeing them together”, “HAHAJ how fun is their day, I adore them” , “Seeing you is a joy, I love the slide with dolphins hahaha”, “I loved the fall hahaha, happy 4th of July”, “HAHAJ they are super fun, I love them”. Filed under: Dra. Polo Case Closed farce by Karina Banda wife Carlos Ponce

Appears with a “mysterious” woman in a bikini

"I love seeing them together" Dra. Polo appears next to a "mysterious" woman in a bikini

Although there were several years in which Dr. Polo and her sister, Alina Polo, the “mysterious” woman with whom he celebrated this July 4 in a bikini, were separated, Ali is already part of the production team of the program. “Case Closed” where many argue about the great resemblance they have, as well as how happy they are to finally see the sisters together:

“Who said that only children have fun on the inflatable slide? Here we have the Polo sisters having fun like two beautiful girls ”,“ Beautiful, I love how you have fun with Ali ”,“ I love seeing them how girls enjoyed life, a hug to my beautiful ”,“ HAHAHA I love you, enjoy this day ”,“ You two together are great, we love you very much ”. SEE THE VIDEO HERE Filed under: Dra. Polo Case Closed farce by Karina Banda wife Carlos Ponce

It is not the first time that Ana María and the mysterious woman have spent it together

It is not the first time that Dr. Polo and the mysterious woman, her sister Ali, have been together
PHOTO: Instagram

It has not been the first holiday that Dr. Polo and the “mysterious” woman, her sister Alina Polo spend together, since some time later they decided to recover all the lost years and they have spent Christmas and July 6 together, in addition to the Ali’s birthday, where Ana María Polo did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her publicly.

It should be noted that according to the ADN Cuba portal, it states that Alina took a different course from her sister, since she is dedicated to being a yoga teacher, however music is her true passion, since according to several interviews , she affirms that thanks to music she can open a space for dialogue between herself and the public, being a faithful believer that it is essential to have it in all schools. Filed under: Dra. Polo Case Closed farce by Karina Banda wife Carlos Ponce

“We are very close, we made music together,” says Alina

Ana Maria Polo
PHOTO: Instagram

Before they spent together on July 4 in a bikini, Dr. Polo and the mysterious woman, her sister Alina Polo, who were seen enjoying an inflatable slide and the pool, her sister Ali commented that she and the lawyer even did music together even before Ana María became world famous.

“Ana María also started in the art world, we made music together since we were little, we had a lot of fun doing duets” however, at that time neither of us expected that later on, Dr. Polo would become a star. thanks to the “Case Closed” program. Filed under: Dra. Polo Case Closed farce by Karina Banda wife Carlos Ponce

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